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You're listening to through line from NPR support for this podcast asked and the following message come from Google from Connecticut to California from Mississippi to Minnesota. Millions of American businesses are using Google tools to grow online the grow with Google initiative support small businesses by providing free digital skills workshops and one on one coaching and all fifty states helping businesses get online connect with new customers and work more productively learn more at Google dot com slash growl Malcolm glad well as one of the most well known thinkers in the world but he says a lot of his fans don't know that he's black white people don't know black people always how do you feel about that as a rare glad well on race pop culture and a whole lot more next time on it's been omitted from NPR one thousand nine hundred twenty eight was not a good year Puerto Rico thirty years after after the US took over Puerto Rico had little to show for it. This colony was in kind of crisis. Conditions on the island were dire observers who would look at the slums. Clemson San Juan were y'all could hardly believe that such a thing existed under the US flag many Puerto Ricans struggled to eat the shaky economy was built on just two crops sugar and coffee after an examination of Puerto Rico in the nineteen twenties. The Brookings Institute published a study. The Brooklyn says it found that rural workers were using nearly all their wages on food talking about living hand to mouth. That's what they're doing. If you're spending that much aw in food that mean that you don't have any any resources for anything else you just work until you died and you're replace the hope that so many Puerto Ricans had when the US arrived when they joined the US war effort when they'd been granted US citizenship citizenship had been replaced by the realization that the United States had delivered neither liberation nor prosperity and by the Nineteen Twenties and nineteen thirties the rawness honest of that deal became a little clearer to Puerto Ricans.

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Puerto Rico, Puerto Ricans, Google discussed on Throughline

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