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Turn your head and not hygienist who he took that blood on keep just kick. This motherfucker swearing. No, no, no her and you're here. Yeah. Yeah. I think you're good. Thank your ass home. Well, that's one way. With this. This guy deserves probably deserves that for sure she has a replay wall ball in elementary. What is it was just a form of torture that the older kids made up just beat the shit out of us in your? You're throwing a tennis ball against the wall and a certain way, and if it bounced too many times yet a lineup they've ever would take turns just throwing the ball right at your ass. They do that anymore. It's kinda like a Rochambeau. But with when. Speaking of throwing a ball against the wall. Uh-huh. Today. I had paid a temp hygienist come in this afternoon. I have I have three hygienists in the morning on Tuesday and this afternoon, I just have to. Okay. But we paid a temp who does Fairmont attempting for us to work the whole afternoon to see three separate scaling patients. Okay. The I was was there at eleven fifty and that he was going to scale or through lunch, and then have to more patients in the afternoon for scaling. Okay. And so I'm paying this hygienist specifically to be there to see this first patient during lunch, and I'm staying, you know, into lunch to anesthetize is patient. Right. Twelve twelve fifteen no patient. So I'm pissed. I have a baseball on my best. They just happens to be on my desk. And I do the baseball so hard at the wall that it is now like in the wall of Sidya pictures, that's baseball size hole in the drywall tomorrow. Okay. So I ended up leaving patient. Come. I see the patient driving up. I just like as Mike in the parking lot. And so I just bought to the side. And I wait to see kind of what she's doing. She's just very casually nonchalantly gets out of her car gets her out of the trunk. Slowly, nonchalantly walks into the office. Like, she's a new Russia at all eighteen minutes late this point. I mean, if that were me, I am like hauling ass in. E- breaking into into a spot. I'm may or may not even turn off the car. I'm bolting up the stairs as fast as possible profusely apologizing. So she goes in as soon as I walk in. I parked my car go back in and I gave it a businessman like I ripped her up and down. Good. And so finally, she's like all right? Like, let's just do what we could do today or whatever and we didn't use any topical. I just jammed that Neil straight in without like, no, I just buried my thumb ended up plunger just I mean. No, no going slow. No shaking, no topical, no distraction, shoot it take this lady. And you're gonna take it hard. Earned. I think that councils assault too. I get it. I get it. I think I'd call the police on this guy. Yeah. Okay. I wanted to call the police in the lady who's late. Uh-huh. I okay. You've convinced me, please. Please for the next step. Okay. All right. So one of the. Oh, God, Lance. This is going to get nut. So this can't be the same. Okay. So one of the replies on. Downtown Tinseltown is from screening up north Perio pussy. Just now the signature on this post says. John Hall hall, periodontics dot.

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