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So we're deforesting to amazon that puts less water in the air. I can go on and on but we've created a vicious cycle. We cannot get past in fact some of the scientists and that story say we're not at the tipping point. We're past a tipping. Yeah exactly so when they look back at us in the future they're gonna say why didn't you do something. In fact they look at videos like this and say you see. They knew they knew they look at the story about the amazon. They'll say they knew they'll look at that store or soaring. God they knew nine hundred seventy two and then it was reaffirmed in twenty twenty one that the scientists were exactly right right and yet they still did nothing. It's always wild to me. How be scientists researchers. They always have the answer. They always know how to fix things yet. Mainstream doesn't listen to them because it's not Beneficial economically and in this situation. It's exactly what we're seeing. Play out where they let us know in advance that. Hey it's not going to go well for us we're heading toward mad max. Thunderdome part too you know and the but the reality is that people won't listen no because we have to generate money. I love also that this. Mit report came out pre amazon You know in terms of jeff bezos. Because the fact is that. Even when i see how that businessmen operates and all the boxes i have stocked up in my home and thinking of that and everyone else's home and just thinking of how much we waste and us. It's we're not gonna make it for very long and if not you know we need to be ready to fight and thunderdome right. I mean the the idea of infinite growth. Is we really think about it insane right. It's insane especially when growth relies on exploiting the planet and its natural resources. Those resources are finite And so when you think about The impact on agriculture for instance. Which is one of the variables that was looked at in this Follow up study. It all makes sense. I mean this is it. Uses all this fancy lingo but in reality. This is a very simple concept and we're seeing the ramifications of this system that you know we're seeing it in extreme weather conditions were seeing it in you know infrastructure not being able to withstand the conditions that we're dealing with so i also want to talk a little bit about the time line right because it's not like we get to twenty forty and the world ends. No that's not what. The researchers are saying here so harrington found in the mit world three models collapsed does not mean that humanity will cease to exist but rather than economic and industrial growth will stop and then declined which will hurt food production and standards of living in terms of timing. The business as usual scenario shows a steep decline to set in around twenty forty. But to be honest with you. I feel like we're already experiencing that steep decline But it's not the end of the world right like so this doesn't mean oh my god. The situation is so dire that at this point we can do absolutely nothing about it. she mentions how technological advancements could actually help us in mitigating. Some of the consequences were experiencing but also in creating a more sustainable model right. But i mean we can't that would require like worldwide global cooperation something. That's kind of difficult to do. When the united states is still you know wanting to dominate and uses all sorts of hawkish rhetoric when it comes to china when it comes to russia when it comes to other major countries that whether you love them or not we you need to cooperate with them in order to combat climate change and the decline that. We're talking about here. So yeah so. I think again when people look back. Say wait to adrian. Why didn't they listen to the side. That's weird ninety. Nine percent of the scientists told them that climate change was definitely happening. What did you need hundred. Do they think that the the scientists in india and brazil and us and philippines were all lying about temperature records. Assane right and then they're going to see oh didn't even listen to the scientists when there was a pandemic and the scientists said where the mass get the vaccine. If you really know. I prefer to die. They they're really going to be confounded by how stupid. We are in present day. America and a lot of other parts of the world to be honest when it comes to climate change some countries are doing amazing work trying to fix the problem in a lot of countries are not and then it to another point by agent the greed is. That's why talk about how the stock market is basically agreed machine. It demands fifteen percent growth from each company every year. When you can't do that ages anna's right you can't have infinite growth. That doesn't make any sense. You're obviously set yourself up for some sort of collapse at some point right and then look. They'll only hope that. I have an weird kind of hope other than progressive saying over in american. Actually doing things that are saying is we have declining birth rates both in america and all across the world so nature's gonna find a way to begin to fix it and one of the ways is are you guys are not going to have kids anymore and so part of that is because of the pollution that we're putting out there plastic pollution and other factors. So we're kind of poisoning ourselves along with the planet and so then you might get equilibrium because we heard our ability to reproduce so much that well we consume less resources. Because there's less of us but that's not an ideal solution so we should get the point naturally not through pollution and climate change Then my last point is agents cat. Obviously one this video. That's okay so earlier. He was enjoying the story he was like. Oh wait what's going on with climate change. All right oh maverick. In fact he absolutely all right. So let's get to our.

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