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No, just just adventurous enough, but not something to be associated with vice in. This is how Alan Stillman Celera flavors and sense stumbled into the sexual revolution. In the lives of people like Ellen latman. Oh sure. Oh sure. The whole sexual revolution, I think changed a lot of things. You know, my parents, you save yourself until you get married virginity was very important to a lot of the people that I went with. And if you when you lost your Janati you, it was very, very secretive. It wasn't like today. I mean, kids go on the pill right after high school before they go to college. So I think the sexual revolution at a lot to do with it, it's still hard to believe how different dating was back then before nineteen sixty five. Women generally didn't go to bars alone. It was almost unthinkable as a woman women were generally accompanied or chaperoned. It's hard to remember now, but even as late as the sixties for a woman to go to a bar of by herself to meet a man in some context, it's thought to be sort of scandalous in the early part of history. Dating was seen as grounds of, you know, suspicion for vice charges. Women are arrested. They've thought to be doing fine of sex work. Often if they're out in bars on their own. In the sixties. You have these protests that are organized members of the national organization of women to be allowed to go to bars that ban women. I don't know if it stigma or scandal or what, but it's definitely not accepted by everyone. And I think it's Evan on who met in a bar and I remind parents talk about, you know, that was fine, but being a little bit, like who's this guy from this book that you met? There were even bars back then that were men only until those protests and then in nineteen seventy court ruling. The finally forced them to admit women Maura says the mid sixties had a Kuzma magazine style feminism where some women enjoyed new freedom, but also fashioned themselves as fun sexy objects. And in few places was that more apparent than in the sky airlines braniff actually advertised the sex appeal of their flight attendants, all of whom are women. And for the most part required to be unmarried. This is an actual ad for messy year nineteen sixty five on the scream as a flight attendant pretty much stripping. Brennan international hostess McHugh on the airplane should dressed like this. Dinner on those long flights, she'll slip into something more comfortable. The airstrip is brought to you by Brennan international believe in this is another reason for TGI Fridays success..

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