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Trend began in the late 90s early arts one of their badges of honor was using good quality ingredients and they wanted to use fresh juice and instead of sour mix they wanted to use goodquality lick her and the cosmopolitan called for a couple of things that they were against one was flavor vodka which they considered artificial and the second was cranberry juice cocktail which they also considered artificial ingredient a lot of the more principled bars in the in the early years would not even carry cranberry juice behind bar so that they have an excuse that they could give to the customers when the ordered a cosmopolitan they say well i'm sorry we can't make them i mean even the fact that it's that it's based on vodka is probably a problem for a lot of them writing yes in the early years vodka was the enemy um you have to remember that vodka is the number one spirit in america more people drink vodka than anything else that still true today and it certainly was true in the 80s a 90s these bartenders were trying to get customers to broaden their talat you know try some bourbon try some rise tequila moscow all these other things that were out there while another vodka drake that you write it in the book but as a interesting story is the vodka espresso which that of us think of as ernest brazil martini almost every one calls it a special martini right i'm not sure i've ever had a good one are there is at as a drink you can get all over the world it's fresh espresso and vodka and coffee lacor um if there was invented by a guy named dick brad so who was the leader of the london cocktail revival he was the guy that inspired everybody he trained hundreds of bartenders and that he invented this cartel in the 80s and he worked in a lot of private clubs that were frequented by celebrities these include in supermodels and this drink was created on the request of a supermodel he's never identified who some people speculated was kate moss but i mean she would have been thirteen at the time that the never who knows linda evangelista apprehensive as a good choice and the the model said she wanted a drink that.

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