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And this is the Dan Patrick Show. I'm Chris Bruce Auto launch my partner Rob Parker. We are the odd couple in for Dan. And we're brought to you by Mercedes. AM driving performance. I WE WANNA throw it out to you. What do you think are the New England patriots is done? Is the run over. Will they go down swinging in this first or second round of the playoffs. Let's get to the calls all let's do that. Let's start first with Eric in Kalamazoo Michigan Join. The is Fox sports radio. It's the Dan Patrick Show. What's up mad? Dan Patrick so I love his hard to get on here. Got My favorite guys Robin Quiz a happy holiday just appreciate. They're happy you you have access of ships right now. They will use wildcard this run to Kinda dust off the old technique today by looking at all regular the season seat and what better way to go on the road like the bull would rob. Did we were talking about Georgia and then go on the road and get warmed up and start saying hey we. We'll talk with them on. We let nobody in in in my who first game is at home to Foxborough. Didn't they have to hit the road. Okay well it's going to be a real thing you know I go so yeah. Yeah Super Bowl. Listen Sir Mr Captain. He's a and you went to Michigan capital of Michigan. You Got Michigan Alabama. He's Friedman Fredin of bad low key. Rob You notice Tom Brady. Ain't there anymore you know when you open. You CAN'T DO DO I. But Yeah but you. Can't they blew that game on Sunday. I'm just telling you can't live in the past. Thanks for the call we appreciate it. This is not your your ankles Tom Brady. You got a face that everybody wants to believe it. It's just not the case and the pats it's okay to had an unbelievable Ron. They're are not the same team and Chris already given you the numbers when they don't get a first round bye they've never made it to the Super Bowl and you told me a forty two who year old. Tom Brady and a leaky defence is going to now make it off of there off of their Credit that they've established is Kristin years gone by. Yeah I get not wanting to poor dirt on him just yet and giving them a shot you know for for some miracle happening and they'll L. summit up you know that that great New England Patriot lower in the past and win a couple of games but to actually predict. They're going to win the Super Bowl. Ask Ask going a little too far no doubt about even going to get to the super bowl it just going to the hospital right. They haven't shown US anything and I know there were the times last year or when they look bad in a regular season even late in the regular season Anton Brady the famous clip. You love to play worse pass in ten years right. That was was last year and they go on to win the Super Bowl but I just don't see this year but I'm I'm not ready to pour dirt on him like you are. I'm just saying there's no way. They're the favorites to not only get to the Super Bowl but even get to the AFC title game. I'm Baltimore Kansas City. Of course I'm telling you. Stick a fork the patch the patch or done eight seven seven nine six if if something happens. I'm not an article. I'll go back to Antarctica. Ah No eight seven seven ninety nine on Fox all right. Let's go to Rick if Fort Lauderdale. You're on the Dan. Patrick Show was the odd couple on Fox sports radio. Hey Good morning my brothers have you in the morning. Yes what's up man. I'm waiting for you guys in February. Your favorite Uber driver with Joe Stone Crab connections actions. I'll be waiting for you guys for Super Bowl fifty four. We'll we'll we all we are near. Yes can't wait. Let me start off by saying how I want to wish you and your family. Happy a healthy and blessed New Year and rob congratulations on being the first brother. Not only to willingly go to an article about make it back alive. That's right free. She ate it. Yes a Steig rob you and I will the first one when they were not in. Everybody was counting the praises that said it was a mirage. They hadn't beaten anybody and I honestly think and it's not because I'm a hater and trust me. I had no idea my dolphins. We're GONNA win and Fox Fall. No that was win. I think China Hill and Derek. You're going to go up there and put the Mail on the COP and and I just want to say this as upset as I as I am. And and look congratulations relationship to I was upset the bride floors one five game and lowered our chances of taking you to burrow chase you but I gotta keep them this props with that Wasser author and you guys know that we set a record for over eighty players. Yes guys off of other people's practice squad and playing him that same week. What Brian Flow is able to win? Five five games with that Walser. He's GonNa win it but he deserves to coach a year us hard to argue. He he did a great job Chris. I agree to what he's done. Rob Is created a culture and winning matters winning matters. Don't tell me that some of those guys won't carry away from this bad season. Chris is what they did to beat New England up there at Foxboro. Hey Wes in California during the Dan Patrick Show which the odd couple here on Fox sports radio. You know what's going on rob. How're you doing all guard? You're right man. Hey listen I just WanNa say I have been waiting for the Patriots Dynasty to and for a very long time. I'm I'm a packer fan and What makes it worse by my brothers Patriots Fan so every every family gathering uh hey super bowl again with oh yeah right talk to stomach? No doubt Man but you know I can just I I can really see you know father time. You're right man. He he's he's undefeated and As great as Tom Brady and bill go check have been you know right now. Is the the time where I can. I can fully see Ryan Tannehill taking taking them apart and just having them lose right here in the first round. Wow that would be shocking to go down like that. No doubt about it I see all right. We are now going to be joined by the pro football hall of Famer Westwood One. NFL and I'm going to do our colleague. A solid and say joy. Taylor's brother it is the great dust in Taylor Hall of Famer to the Dan. Patrick Jigsaw with the couple of how you doing guys. How are you doing great we are? We are good as a lifestyle you know most of your career. You Play Your Hall of fame career with the Miami Dolphins you probably enjoying seeing the Patriots Struggle The way they're I mean. Obviously they still are twelve and four making the play offs but very few you people giving them a chance to get to the super bowl again. Are you ready to pour dirt on him as well and declared that there's very little way they'll get to the super bowl. No I'm not I mean as you know. Having played for the dolphins for thirteen years I enjoy seeing the dolphins. Go up there to foxborough place where we haven't had a whole lot success and get a win and I mean you can't say enough about the job Brian Flora's done with it with the dolphins team and you look at talent in the way they played for him all along great job job them. But I'm not. I'm not ready to bury the Patriots. Yeah it doesn't look great. I get it You know there's a lot of issues there you look particularly on the opposite side in a defense is starting to wear down a little bit I think and and get exposed in certain situations but you know they. They've still got number twelve under center and Bill Belichick and something to be said for playoff experience for Gazzetta been before but then those those tough situations playing primetime games with you know with there being tomorrow and I I just. I've seen seen as movie so many times. I just feel like you can't you can't look away yet and say oh it's over and turn it off because you never know what's going to happen with those guys you know in Foxborough is still there. I hear you know people.

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