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Out more testimony out of the courtroom of Judge Don Gentry quote Court employees say they heard moaning. And stretching of chairs. It was well known in the court system that sexual favors are being handed out to the judge in exchange for our jobs, and we'll see continue to follow that in the news after two o'clock today is your friend and mine Governor Mike DeWine. To discuss the most recent events in Ohio. And as we continue to point out, at least I do under 1/100 of 1% of Ohioans in the general population. Died a covert 19 and I'm very emboldened by the fact that Dr Scott Atlas has joined the CDC advisory committee about howto handle this, which is wash yur hands where masks say, socially distant and then get back to work because I would imagine Football players that you see would say ah, much safer inside the so called bubble of UC football, then I am not in the bubble of you see football, and if rates are going up on infection, I'd rather be in a cloistered environment with testing. And expectations and challenges the knot in the environment being at home, but many are not discussing that. But coming up. Next is the stooge report. Also Brian Tome also governor Mike DeWine to see what happens in about 30 minutes at your home of the Reds playing tonight. Kansas City Starting about 5 40 on news radio 700 WLW isn't tonight. This is 700 wlw microphone, but I had no idea it was that sensitive, Quiet numbskulls on broadcast. Sigmund. This is from Judge Don Gentry's courtroom. Yet men went a secret microphone. Put there by Rocky Boy Man. What's going on there? Well, it's everything is about judicial independence. It's about understanding that somehow The public must be served one way or another. You know what I'm saying? That's for sure. You're saying Chander lover? It was a reverend. By the way, I think he taught religion San Ex high school. What about those pictures at the photos of the genitalia testimony today yet was that She sent pictures of her genitalia. I showed up in her lover's phone. But she said it was really sent to an aunt of hers. So she had a hemorrhoid wanted. She wanted the nurse slash and two diagnosed her hemorrhoids,.

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