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Kevin owens's leaving the building and then shame at man said and that's what i'm doing next to i was a hundred percent sure and apparently 100 percent wrong that he was going to go to the parking lot of get attacked by kevin all its i've never i can't i don't understand what shamed mcmahon announced on television because you're just complimented him now i don't get this why did he say i believe that you will a uptake t match coming up a take team match coming up with the i think it was before the russo's match who so new day but it was certainly before the advertise made event and the gms leaving why i thought he was telegraphing that he was leaving because owens is going to attack him but we didn't get that yeah that was interesting i'm surpri i and you know who's to say i don't i don't wanna play the card that oh unom wwe personnel will when they get on twitter of let's let it play out but if something like this i was more inclined specially with what they do and social media now that we would get something tomorrow morning where it's like oh minutes after smack down shame mcmahon had a confrontation with kevin ones yet iata but if we don't get that either then bet was just bad writing yeah because it was it was right before those those new day match and the dolphin interview so we're you know there's a lot of the show left at this point i mean we're early in our number two and the babyfaced gm says kevin owens i hear just left why did we need to know that and i'm about to do the same well thanks shane are you going to stop at the bathroom first stirred do have to tie your shoot you want to tell us any any other logistics that are completely not yet necessary to share with us like it was just weird so yeah maybe it will play out but if kevin owens already left in shane says i'm about to leave.

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