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It's coming he did and we should keep in mind. That trump has gone after Romney and really ugly ways before I says he walks like a penguin Total loser for losing the two thousand twelve election this could be a new level of vitriol. Donald trump junior a tweeted that romney should be expelled from the rights. The party which is a ridiculous statement. It's not it's not up to any presidential you can't say it but that man's a move we can't say it's not chocolate deciding the Republican party but trump at the national prayer breakfast Made an attack on Romney that was just really jarring he. He was sitting right there. He you did. And he questioned Romney's faith and then later in the day in East Room of the White House he said Romney uses his religion as a crutch a political catch. Romney is one of the tasteful men in politics takeover talks about it the former leader might heard about is afraid to talk about it because he had political consequences at the time he was right. Yeah you know Mormon with Republican Evangelical Evangelos But he's Amana faith that guided this decision and I think Romney would probably argue. Trump is not Amana faith. Away from me is yeah kind kind of make the hair go up on the back of your neck to think that somebody could Republican Democrat Independent. They know who Romney is. You can't say that faith isn't the genuine in that in that claim. So what's happening behind the scenes with others one. I think the the parts that is interesting because you did get a lot of people to talk to two hundred people talking to you. These are the enablers who do not talk publicly one or just let it go and move along and I think it's one of Donald. Trump's strings is understanding that people break apart really quickly if you break them apart like if they grouped together it would be a different situation But you know look what happened with the with me to. Finally when everyone talked together they were able to talk together. But nobody does that here. It's like they grouped together in sort of fear and loathing. And you guys have written about any josh dossier wrote a piece about this. Why is that happening? What is it just I just I want to be? You know Senator Lindsey Graham or what is it. I think there's a really simple answer for that. which is trump's approval rating among Republican voters? All all the other Republican elected officials live in fear of the eighty to ninety percent of Republican voters. Who strongly approve of the president's performance in office and they're afraid that trump is going to turn his venom on them and turn supporters on them and then they're going to become a former former senator Bob corker former Senator Jeff Flake? Those guys don't are not in office anymore and probably could not win elections in their home states because they got crosswise with this president. And that's why so many of these senators voted to acquit president trump. Even they know that the evidence was not even in dispute even though some of them said publicly what the president did was wrong still acquitted him. It was an interesting little tango so he didn't do anything he did was wrong but I'm going to vote to acquit him. It was it was. So you've gotta be kidding right exactly but what do you think the enabling income from what is this is an president. There was enabling under Ronald Reagan. You've seen it everywhere you look. But they broke from Nixon eventually they broke people. Have the level of enabling. I've never seen it almost caught like it can't be that much fear he's really of course he can switch the light honor off on whether or not. You're going to get your next term. I think think Phil's exactly right and also I mean again. The the venom he can unleash On twitter against any member who comes at him. Think of all the a cute little nicknames. He's gotten for people shifted shift and he comments on people's way and then it's pretty vicious Whenever you are somebody who's on the other aside I I will say there have been a couple of profiles of encourage if people view it this way? of people who stood up to the president. I'm sometimes in private and sometimes in public in private You know he's not a perfect hero. There are no perfect heroes in this book but REX Tillerson stood up and said you're wrong Mr President when right hand hat that was explained that seeing what happens so in July twenty seventeen which is very early and seems like ancient history now but we learned a lot knew about it President trump is brought to the tank. A sort of sacred space in the Pentagon where decisions of war are made and the Joint Chiefs The REX Tillerson Secretary of state. General Mattis Secretary Tori Defense and Gary Cohn National Economic Advisor. Want to have kind of like a tutelage if you will Without making him feel patronised they want to explain. Explain to the president like why we have bases where we have them. Yeah why troops are for primer on. US Yeah like they're always fighting with them about these things and they're thinking of themselves. We just need a shared basic understanding shared language so he understands why we all can sleep safe and near and dear at night. These things keep America safe and Unfortunately silently the schoolhouse rock goes terribly awry. Because as the president is hearing these descriptions Dale on uh-huh I loved it to The president just bellowing at them and Co as as others have reported He's telling them that their You you know this is a loser. War they're losers but what we didn't know is he started to call them. DOPES and babies a woman started to cry in the room. People Start Shuffling their our papers there so they want to will themselves out of this room. Jim Mattis has his head bowed. He's he's speechless. No one's talking vice. President pence is is described. As a wax figure of those. You know know that but he was creating silicon valley part westworld character that didn't work out and Glad that for everybody somebody said you know. I learned everything I needed to learn about the vice president. Then he has a son in the military and and he was willing willing to listen to this and finally after calling them dopson babies. The President says the worst curse word he can say. I wouldn't go to war with you. People and REX Tillerson Can't take it anymore. According according to people in the room he's looking at waiting for Mattis to bark back. maddest won't do it Tillerson stands up and says that's wrong Mr President. You're wrong people don't put on a uniform. Make a buck. We're not trying to make money by charging the Koreans for our base there. This is about safety for America's jarring seen so jarring and so emotionally scarring for people in you know said why didn't anyone say anything. May I ask the the impression that that many she had was that as flag officers nobody could speak back to their commander. In chief and Tillerson didn't have that kind of responsibility. He wasn't in that chain of what about the others. Why why is there not talk back the clapback the fear You know it. It's still the fair. It's still the fear you know. Certainly the the uniform members versus Carol was saying I felt like duty-bound to follow the chain of command. There were all sorts of civilians in their room. Looking for example Mattis who in that role was a civilian in defense secretary even though he's a former marine general Who wouldn't confront the president you know? They feel like he's been elected by the American people He's rightfully Holding this office even though we all know he lost Hillary Clinton popular vote by three million votes but He Won Electoral College. He's he's in that Office for a reason and may feel like they need to honor him as long as it's within the bounds of the law. And why is that because it's the office that's the excuse as the office. They use the excuse that it's the office and you know they okay. The I think purposefully sometimes we'll be blind to other factors other factors meaning all the all the ways that trump himself Violates these norms ends or Desecrates the office in any number of of ways on any given day. There's another seen like this in the book too though I'm thinking about it as fills talking is it. Because he he's making me remember it. Kirsten Nielsen is getting rimmed out. But resident in a cabinet. Meeting screamed at by him dress down again. Dan Pence does nothing jared Kushner. She's getting yelled at because he wants to. He's talking about shutting down the border literally closing it. He's like Mr President. You know under our laws. That's it's not legal. People are allowed to cross. The border asked for asylum and then we will decide whether or not they properly can stay and he's like what do you think jeff and he's mad added Jeff sessions says Yep. I think you're right Mr President. I think we should shut down the bags right and I'm thinking Was We're learning the details of this conversation. This is the the the highest officer of law enforcement in our country. The Attorney General. And he's saying sure we can do this illegal thing. Jared Kushner in this scene takes his fingers across. This is neck to Kirstin as if to say quit it stop talking. This is not a winner. She's trying to explain the lot of the president. Nobody's giving her cover. Yeah Yeah but she's been. I mean she by doing that. She became a much reviled. Figure this stuff she does she gets all just hold the bag of crap that he had her totally. We all know what an abusive manager. Donald Trump can be learned in this reporting for the book that he's he's even more abusive than we imagined. And it comes out with Kirstin Nielsen. he he would call her late at night after watching Lou Dobbs episode on Fox business to tell her lose got this great idea for immigration. I want it done. Of course lose. Ideas are not not always legal and usually don't work anyhow so she would sort of entertain that request from the president. He would call again at five in the morning to wake her up on purpose and ask why it had gotten done and she'd have to tell him. You know Sir that the staff at the department our sleeping. The we can't get that done by the way it's not legal. He would attack her for her looks he would. I'd say she's too short at five to four two shorts to be ineffective Homeland Security Secretary. Just didn't have the look that he wanted for somebody securing the border order Well we're GONNA talk about when we get back why this works because it's it's really fascinating that it does an and also how he uses twitter and we'll get a little bit into tech because I think this is part of what's happening and this is It's a really interesting phenomena. You know. He really is the troll in chief which is kind of interesting thing when we get back when we talking with Carol Leonard and Phil Rucker From The Washington Post. Their new new book called a very stateful genius. Donald J trump's testing of America. If you enjoy hearing the most important leaders of tech and business in the hot seat beat you should check out..

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