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Tell you if you really wanna learn about guilt and shame. Gone to youtube inside in b. r. e. n. e. space b. r. o. w. n. b. r. e. n. e. brunei last name brown. Ted ex amazing amazing. She'll talk about guilt and shame and vulnerability and all that stuff. That's scary to guys and women to come on. We're all human in this thing. Okay so it does get deeper than that. There is different reasons why people are how they are. And there's a really interesting thing. If you are a seeker like me when you have conversations with people that are intuitive. That don't know anything about your life. You can ask people about people that are in your life and they'll tell you like oh this last lifetime you kill this person or you guys fight you were brother and sister and that's why even though you're in a relationship right now that you fight this way that you do it's wild also. This is going to be an advertisement. However i only advertise things that i feel like our game changing and this is actually something. I did an episode. A couple episodes talking about this. I reconnected with the company. Because i really liked them. And there are other companies out there. That are great too. I really wanted to tell you about or miss own. And so you about. A new alchemy a. n. u. a. l. c. h. e. m. y. I wanna talk to you about or miss. If you are a seeker. Wants to open up your third eye. Connector left and right brain have better mental clarity. Be able to focus more on manifesting. If you have issues with your gums with your skin or anything of the sort or miss is really cool. It is natural. It is of the earth. And i'm going to leave a link in the show notes fee to check that out and hook you up. Gets you a discount. The first time that i took or miss i was feeling like i could almost read people's minds i felt when people trusting me i felt when i wasn't present going into a meeting I definitely would make small changes. I knew that. I shouldn't have certain foods and certain dietary foods and that helped me and guided me through that so if that resonates with you definitely check that out other than that. My friends i just wanted. I just wanted to serve this. Because i've i've realized that recently my life there were people that were talking to me about how they feel jealous other people in other people's successes and they felt angry about other people and i've been there i relate several years ago i started catching myself on social media when i say like five years ago or something where i would get jealous mike. I should be jealous of people. I would want to be in that same situation and i know that that person didn't have it handed to them in even if they did have it handed to them. They're still human. They're still hard on themselves. They still have to do a lot of work in order to get to a certain place even if it looks easy tonight emotions. Our emotions feelings feelings and don't make somebody else's feelings not valid or when somebody expresses himself don't put them down for it because their feelings and their thoughts are real step into that world and feel what it feels like for something to feel real when somebody's speaking truth just because they speak. It doesn't mean you need to nod your head if somebody's like man is. Life is hard as live sucks. I hate myself do not you do not have the do not have the niger ahead. you do. Not have the nudge ahead. I promise you there does letting it out. Ok i do like the matrix deduct that or when i leave people i will literally dust that energy off of myself. I will might take my hands in in in. Shake it off. Kind of like literally like dusting my shoulders off but the aura energy around me. Forgive somebody this week. Forgive somebody this month call. Somebody have a difficult conversation with somebody. It's exhausting being angry and hating somebody from years ago from decades ago from months ago somebody who was a hurt individual who hurt you because their parents were hurt and it's a world of hurt and you wanna break the pattern. Does she want to break the generational trauma she wanted to have somebody else. Also feel better unless you wanna do something nice for people right now because just living in complete and total uncertainty in style now healing is in style so be kind to yourself kind of other people were all doing the best that we can and we all come from certain level of dysfunction share as much education as you can share as much healing love as you can give yourself as much love as you can love yourself as much as you possibly can and beyond. You are amazing you're powerful. You are great. You're a rockstar. So we are going to and on that. Note my beautiful friend and i just want to share with you. I've been making more beats and more music so definitely connect with me on instagram. At yo niki. Scorpio you'll nikki. Scorpio dot com clubhouse. I am yo niki. Scorpio if you're not on clubhouse send me damn i'll send you an invite us. Clubhouse for education and for community is amazing. it's not like instagram or facebook. Super cool you can have conversations with people you wouldn't normally have conversations with and learn and build and opportunities are happening right now. This is the greatest time to be alive okay. This is the greatest time to be alive. You are walking around in a history book that nobody can lie about now. Because everything's being documented health communication technology. Everything is just like moving at a rapid pace. Enjoy the ride. Find the balance. If you're not okay you don't have to put on a smile. It's okay to take a break but remember her. People will hurt people and people that are angry will take that out on other people because they're projecting if you don't know about projecting. Google projecting anger projecting emotions. Do not project your anger onto other people and if somebody does it to you you can use my line. I say i'm not your bad day. I'm sorry i'm sorry. I'm not your bad day. Sorry i'm not your day is good kind of upsets them. Those you gotta be careful. But it is a good one as scorpio. When that is a nikki. Scorpio deflect all right. I love you kind to yourself. And as always hit me up yoni scorpio. He feel alone. You feel unheard. Thank you all for sharing for supporting for listening for downloading. Definitely appreciate reviews. This isn't about me looking cool or having a million followers. I want to get these conversations and these topics to be common to be mainstream to be popular so if you like these conversations it helps when you share. It helps when you leave reviews it helps when you spread this message to other friends and family members people like yourself. It really truly does because we all need to be able to understand how human and connect the we are. We need to end hate and racism and homophobia and these men made titles that distracting disconnect us. I love you because of we can hate people. We don't know we can.

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