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You want to hear it now. I want to hear it now. I think that'll I got a little mentioned was the seven card is that for things have not changed that much. Okay economies still stable as we go down down down and not state. It's low stable checkmark recovery not incite. Okay so I I've ran into this podcast again. This is another example. Who brought on these these? These doctors who are experts in epidemiology read the research the research physicians and one's a give you their who wants a PhD in biochemistry. This this show is done by mark young and a doctor Reiner Knows first name gladden Chris Howard a PhD in Biochemistry Lane Howard. A path an MD who is a pathogenic micro biology and infection disease specialists name of the show the podcast. The show is called. I'll manage it. Should be on the on the she does some like living to one. Twenty I think is the name of it show about long life and they've they changed the topic for this show to discuss the covid situation with people that have some expertise and all the information matches. What the French Nobel was his Montagnier. I think his name Mon- tag may the the French Nobel Prize winner in medicine? Who Pretty much says the same thing and he he extrapolated it from pretty much looking at the at the virus and of course the the argument against Montana and he did this around April twentieth of last year last month. The argument against him was he's crackpot of course so living beyond one twenty one twenty now also available on spotify the this by this mediocre transcription but it. It is understandable. I did edit a few things together. And I WANNA match before I play this stuff because this is not information that I'm that nobody can uncover but the thing is I've noticed that I was looking at Montana's material and all if the slams against them come out of India were they were. They make everything. Well they make a lot of stuff but they also make a lot of hydroxy chloroquine things that are exactly positive but I believe that there was a co Intel pro operation going on when this guy came out with this idea that the virus came from this lab and they planted all these stories in India. 'cause the Europeans are picking up on CIA scams anymore. Where you go the ideas you you find a an amenable. Let you put a story into that outlet in a foreign land in the in the Wuhan. Gazette you put out there then comes back in you and then you just point to it. Hello to your times here reporting. According to the Wuhan Pretty Much Joe now I got five clips is not as was going to be but most of them are short except the first one which gives us a little insight into the into the virus itself so he kind of understand. It is a cold virus or one of the cold viruses. The other ones are rhino. is a necessary background so we had this clip one. You have inherent corona viruses in most animal species in humans. We have corona viruses. We've had we have over one hundred different variants and historically there are nothing more than an annoyance and by that I mean when you consider corona virus. You're thinking of viral sinus infections. You're thinking of common colds. You thinking of when you say you have the kid crud. A lot of that is caused by Corona virus distinct ability to penetrate epithelium. Your First Line of Defense in the immune system actually so when when you find a virus that can penetrate that epithelium and activate enter a host cell than you pretty much have an annoyance and it's usually a respiratory issue. It's never been the case where it's been so variant now thinking back to the two thousand to two thousand. Three SARS SARS one. They originally said they founded in Bat K. Eighth in this that and the other thing but if you look at did she actually say this that and the other thing as a professional broadcaster she's not a professional broadcaster obviously any professional broadcast. Who had never say she also says O K a lot a lot more to go day yet but that she's on her way up Mark Levin the Great One says that once in a while yes six half two dozen whatever they originally said they found it in a bat K. Eighth and this that and the other thing but if you look at the sequence of SARS the sequence versus the wild type found in bats there are many similarities however they're not identical and the assumption is at it made us Zoa not leap from the to the human and in doing so mutated that that sounds reasonable it does however when you look at the sequence themselves realize what has changed is not your typical zone haussas mutation one has changed you start to dig deeper and find that many years ago back to even going back to what the eighties or nineties. They have been manipulating viruses. Hope to learn more about them. Okay so by and I mean they make them more transmissible more infectious. They make them more virulent once. You have the infection and it supposedly teaches the scientists or the epidemiologist epidemiological behavior. And what is possible for the future? This is called gain of function research gain of function research gain a function. Research is very controversial You have two camps here. You have the scientific community that says why the reward does not outweigh the risk here. Why do this and then you have the other camp. That says it's important. It's important for learning behavior. It's important for potential epidemics and how to address those epidemics. So if we need to make a vaccine or a therapy knowing where it's going is helpful in getting a leg up on that. In the wrong hands these pathogens can be really really problematic. Background NEVER HEARD. Yeah. Let's explain gain of function. Yeah the gain of function is ah we? We have talked about that on this very show and the in the beginning in fact because this term has been around. That's where you jack that shit up and you can do. You can do fun stuff with now. This there was a lot of stuff at the beginning of this that we discussed on the show that is disappeared from the Internet's and a lot of it had to do with the Wuhan lab and then it got just got short cheated by the media the Nano. Now it's just a coincidence. That LAB THAT SPECIALIZES IN CORONA VIRUS. Research is in the vicinity. It had nothing to do with it. And there's a bunch of people that come out of the woodwork. A lot of them and these Indian publication. I'm going to write an essay about this to point out. This co Intel pro operation. That's going on. I don't know who's doing it Showing that these Indian publications which have slammed as poor Guy Montagnier. They've smeared him so he can't do anything anymore but he kind of figured this out on his own but these guys are figuring it out to and others have figured it out and people know this. What we're going to hear now is going to be exposition. Why this has to be from that lab. And it's not a debunked theory..

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