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In with like the release date of product scarlet is expected around the holiday twenty twenty year and a half from now also expected to be their release date of this game halo infinite boom boom boom which says a six game in the halo series so it's been like four or five years. I feel like Halo five came out. I think it's like five years maybe six years but halo five came out quite a while ago and it was not the most exciting of the Halo Franchise. I think she hated it yeah but Halos been with xbox since the original xbox yes right. They've been around the whole time. It's huge winner for Microsoft a full division on like Redmond's campus devoted to halo so right yeah I mean they make a lot of money off halo all the games or super great <hes> re releases and stuff like that and we are all fans of Halo but we've been waiting for the next game and by all accounts accounts halo six is going to be a game that we will enjoy more than halo five but yeah so it's coming out. We don't know much about it. <hes> there's a trailer all we do know that it like. I said the six game and it says continuing doing the story so master chief is going to be in it yeah. He's going to keep on going with this whole thing. which if you don't know the whole story I encourage you to play those games back their books yeah? They're movies and stuff. It's scrape but yeah it's going to be super cool and from what I saw to you is like there's a lot of like we're GONNA get tons of new armers right so the armor that like master chief where's the spartan armor which Spartans Illich super soldiers right <hes> and they added the concept of like kind of customizing armor and like doing some stuff but it didn't really do anything besides look different really. Maybe like small stuff right but I saw like we're going to have some like real like hulking armor that maybe like super super boost your strength. I don't know but we're going to get a lot of like armor customization. Maybe right that will actually do stuff or like we'll probably get a ton of new vehicles to and you know always new gun so yeah definitely super excited about it. Yeah a lot of people to like in one of the images like just Kinda speculating on what the game is about so <hes> and one of the images master chief has <hes> has like a chip on the back of his helmet and people are trying to figure out what artificial intelligence is that because it's not Cortana and so we'll yeah Cortana goes crazy yeah so people are wondering like okay so what is the new artificial intelligence. I like. I've said I haven't played very much of the I halo franchise. However I do know a lot of it is kinda set and like a dystopia Ian kind of city landscape kind of right? This one seems to be a little bit more in no so Halos. These are like ring worlds so they you know environments are like you know like this like planes desert animals running around and stuff whatever and so the original halo you are on a halo ring world right right in a lot of the other ones you are too and you get to go into you like the mechanics because it's an artificial world so you can go down into the mechanics of the system right and you're in alien technology area or whatever I think there's is also some time spent on Earth finding aliens so you get to be in that city which it's a future version of earth so yeah some sort of future. Yeah can't just hope you share David thing so yeah so you're like environment at throughout the Games like this is not the graphics look really great by the way but yeah. It looks like they're on another halo. Aware you know there. We're going to have a bunch of like environmental. Differences says yeah you know some mountain. Some planes beaches some stuff like that. We'll probably get all the alien stuff again to you but like it'd be great like Halo might jump us from world world right might get some more time on earth. I mean my decent stuff like fat but one thing I do know. It looks like they're they're. They're talking about really pushing for this woman is going to be the play anywhere thing where you can continue your game on Xbox and P._C.. Have the same save files in profile file gap bright. I wouldn't be surprised to you if there may be like hey Sony you WanNa really commit to this thing. Here's the code for Halo Infinite during this game into thing on your platform. Let's go right and you can play against those people multiplayer be huge in it and they're really gonNA push it so we'll see but yeah definitely super excited about it and we'll keep people posted on on how it goes but it's a year and a half from now and products garlicy was soon as we get more information on that we're GONNA be talking about it and I'm sure these hand-in-hand so but yeah so what else for Microsoft so when I saw that I thought was kind of interesting which I don't even know if it's going GonNa be a good game but the Blair witch game yeah and actually looks pretty cool. Yeah I mean I remember when that movie came out yeah same. You know we laugh yeah. It was a much talked about movie. Of course they did the revolutionary. Evolutionary style where like you know the victims in this thing like filming right as all shaky in the woods or whatever that was like new I think at the time and that's what made it popular point Ed is not new done not interesting but but it seems like they're gonNa they may not do something exactly the same but it does look like it's GonNa be highly atmospheric <hes> so the environment is always changing shifting thing and it's going to be some jump scares and things like that so a lot of things that you see from <hes> look there. There've been a couple of games. We've played like that where you're like kind of you know ghosts are around and you're just surviving when you're not really like fighting and killing ghosts and like being bad ass bridges like running around things are jumping out. You're trying to sneak past. <hes> you know whatever it may be right so I think this game will be a lot like that but like the graphics look pretty good from what we've seen so far is like a couple of stills so that'll be pretty nice. You know yeah and I think like it's been long enough. Let's see what Blair witch shit has to a has served forest but we do know like you're the protagonist and you're trying to save a little kid lost in the woods or something and that's pretty much it right like it's not the same story from the movies. It's not like the same group of people like a little kids lost. You're trying to find him right exactly so I thought that was interesting. <hes> for the Microsoft announcement on top of that okay so we mentioned before we wanted to get into like the Lego series of games never actually played them great coop games yeah and supposedly like yeah it'd be great coke games and everybody loves them and so now though Microsoft euro-zone and announced they're gonNA come up with the Lega Star Wars Skywalker Saga Yeah all nine movies yeah right all told in one game right so we don't have to go out and by all the different games or whatever it is like truly the complete movie saga so excited about that. We're definitely GONNA check it out because like I said we really wanted to try these logo games in this. That's really Kinda Nice area so so what I expect back like you know. It's going to have the same graphics the Lego Games. I don't think that's really changed much Lego. We it's going to have all the game play from you know all the movies so we'll get to play as all the different characters here's the Mall Gone Darth Vader Luke skywalker Kylo Ren Ray so it's really is Kinda. Transcending all of these starwars films super stoked about it so let's see how that <hes> goes but <hes> short of that anything else Microsoft for move on battle towards fouls has school. We saw the Gareth Five. That'll toads is more like 'cause you remember that meam. Everybody's like calling you call around in your like ask game stop if they have battle toads now. I've never seen that mean as like a thing yeah and I think that's why it's like cool that they're coming out of that like. I don't think battle Ted's legit like game. Anybody cares about I think just just you know people care about probably do care about it Manono a new flight simulator though let's see that's been a long time came up and like Microsoft flight simulator is like you know very well received community of flight simulators like it's supposed to be very top notch and stuff like that so and this is an old game at this point right right so but yeah I think they use it for like professional training and stuff right so this new one ashby pretty dope and I would not be super surprised if it had like some really cool like space x and things like that but okay so moving on though I think that's about it for Microsoft you know we got what what else got some coal to K- stuff yeah one being so they came out with a borderlands to deal sea <music> and that particular wine it is supposed to bridge the gap between what happens in borderlands to and what happens woman's three and it's completely free to play so if you have borderlands too you can play that D._l._c.. We haven't started playing at because this week has been super hectic but hopefully I'm gonNA start playing. It does upcoming week. When I have some extra time and give you guys full review on our blog ambuhl talk about it here? You're in the podcast because what is my favorite game of all time borderlands south and then we also got a new borderlands three trailer and people got to play borderlands <hes> three at e. three so <hes> actually looking at this thing right now I think is pretty cool like like verdicts early verdicts right for people who got to play and they're like inventory mansions kind of pain as a negative well. That was always I feel like paid L._A.. Okay yeah interesting. Yeah you have to pay iridium to get like more inventories and so kind of always just like people got that in depth able to kind of render that opinion and any game literally ever so I believe that entirely probably just like picking up guns for like fucking days and you gotta make it to vending machine delayed sell them or questions like that. You WANNA keep ETA borderline like the stats better but you know yeah so I could see that being a problem. Is it a problem. I'm so willing to have ABSO fucking lutely. Oh Yeah Yeah. I just like I said I think it's interesting. Pressing the people got to play it that much to make yeah yeah yeah now definitely look super good maintains again. The style style is important to maintain but it does look like they improve the graphics along with maintaining meaning the staff the cool thing is you're also getting all these different world environments which like in old game it was very much in the older games. There wasn't very much like tack high-tech until you get to that hey period in areas which are very late games wondering when you get to see like these really cool <hes> like cyberpunk s environments that you get to go through so I'm excited about that what it does look like it's a lot of the old and just updating it which that is what we want. I know a lot of people when it was originally coming out. People were complaining that is just the same game that we've been getting before and it's like yeah fans. I want that we just want that. Just keep giving us that please so that seems to be kind of what you're getting to see more game play of the actual playable characters from very pumped for for because I mean there's so many fun things that you get to play like you get to play like they really encourage you like playthrough multiple times basically which is my favorite part like you get like zero s character that has like a Hologram that they get to put out which <hes> I wasn't great at playing zero so I'm excited for this character. Maybe I'll be better playing it. You get a siren who's very focused on May which I think is really cool because in the last game it was either zero for Malay or it weighs the psycho later P._C.. That you get to play she forget what his name is but you had to the play him and I was a great with zero but I was a little bit better at playing that Creek Creek is his name you get to. I was better at playing creek so that was that's going to be exciting that you could to bring in with us or with a siren so I'm excited about that you get to play this Mac. Which of course is going to be bad ass like this character that uses Meccan Tech <hes> like before you get gauge gauge who is <hes> who uses a robot and throws it out and then it fights for you this when you're actually in a suit so that's that's totally different? Will you and I think like in borderlands. The pre sequel you got the play ads side kick guy too handsome Jack you know we'll him and you got some like so you got to upgrade him where he got like some like robot pieces and you got kind of like and then you're like super was to do something sort of similar to that and that was really so sort of like a combo the two as what it'll be it'll be interesting yeah yeah and this is more like straight up like she still like she's not obviously like making herself into you a robot by she gets to play in one so I'm wondering if there's also aspects of it where you just cut us that it on like an auto mode and like.

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