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That type of a poke in the bear. But when we won, it was like, where's this talk? Where is this at now? And we're seeing a lot of that. There's a changing of the guard that's happened. So these numbers don't mean anything to me. These numbers of zero wins only three draws in the modern era and all these losses don't mean anything to me because that's like bringing up the historical record between Mexico and the USA. You're talking about pre millennia. You're talking about last century. You're not talking about what's happened since the early 2000s. The rise of both national teams in the world in a global sense because both have been, I mean, the U.S. has done very well, but Mexico, at least in a global sense, have been very consistent. They've them and Brazil are the only two national teams that have gotten past the group phase in the last 7 World Cup. So something to be set. That said, there isn't this dominance over the U.S. that it once had. I mean, we were talking about score lines in the Balboa la la years of 5 zero 6 zero 7 zero. Those guys, those 94 guys, they really struggled. That generation, they can comment whatever they want and they may have invested interest and they may speak more from the heart about that pain, but there are a lot of these players today and fans today that have had positive memories of playing against Mexico. It's really a rivalry, so it's a 50 50 game for me and this whole thing about your plane and in the study of steca, you should be afraid. It goes out the window. I've played in this stadium. And maybe it means something different to me because I'm Mexican American and it's always been a dream to play in that stadium. It's been a dream to shoot at goal in the same goal that Diego Armando Maradona hurt England with that hand to God within me. But that's the thing. This hosted toasted two world cups. You know, we saw Brazil, Belle is Brazil in there. You saw Diego Maradona's Argentina win there, like to me, it's such an honor opportunity to get to play there. I didn't see this fear. So I have time when guys are on oxygen tanks. I'm a my two feet, maybe because it's a custom I've been here before. I play league here before. And it's an opportunity. Players today don't realize the opportunity they have. I don't want to talk about how daunting it is because do we forget to mention that the U.S. has never had so many Champions League players has never had so many Europeans. This is supposed to be the golden generation. I don't want to hear the golden generation is scared to play an outfit. This isn't Bolivia. This isn't La Paz. This isn't some crazy scenario where it's unhealthy. It's unsafe. It's a game of football. There are much more important things in the world than this game. So buckle up, it's a game. You've already have a psychological stadium up. Did not ask this stadium up so that we couldn't go out there and win. Now let's go and do this. I will say, the past 5 minutes need to be cut from this podcast and played in the ears, have every U.S. player before they take the field 'cause I cynical me and bloody convinced and my God, we're going to break this down a little more detail. And then we're going to take your questions. I mean, where are we here? I do need to ask you, again, a tight one before we break down element by element. When we're in the stage of qualifying qualifying to journey, where is this U.S. team in 11 games in under coach Greg borehole? Where are the teams going to where you would have expected them in terms of progress, gelling, a defined hierarchy, the morale, there's an element of fans who are like, we weren't in the nation's league and the gold cup. With our B and C team, we are inevitable. And there's an element who are like, we are not learning our lessons from the wreckage of the recent past and we're doomed to repeat them. A quick one, because I want to get into the specifics. But what do you see her? Where are we big picture? We're still in complete. And I shouldn't say we. The U.S. men's national team is still incomplete. That's where that's where they are. And what I mean by that is with the last one to three games to go, I would have already expected a DNA, a set style, a set 11. I would have already known Greg just tendencies like any other coach. And he's so unpredictable. And most would say, well, that's a good thing, because the opponent doesn't know what to predict. Yeah, but so you're players also don't know what to expect. They don't know what to predict going in. And to me, that's a scary thing when you don't know who you are. I love that to take in this us versus the world mentality that's fine I've been hearing a lot of the quotes coming out of the camp and I think that's a great thing to do. But there is, besides the injuries, there's a growing sense of, I don't know if they know who they are. Today and going forward, that I wouldn't have expected this late into the World Cup qualifying process. Yeah. I think that's fair. By the way, I love the way you described that we don't know what we're doing still. It reminds me of the reserve striker in the English first division, then the top tier, who was asked what is penalty methodology was, and he said he just hits it as hard as he can, he doesn't think where he's putting it because his methodology is if he doesn't know where he's going to shoot the shot and the goalkeeper woozy. And that's a great effort to a national team, but our squad for this week of weeks. First, the good news. Christian Pulisic, AKA the man, you know, as the LeBron James of soccer is back to consistent form with Chelsea for the first time in a bloody long time. He seems confident. It seems not fearful his decision making, recalibrated, also back. Georgia or as a journalist called him to his face yesterday claudian arena. God bless time flies when you Freudian slip it away and the dark news injuries as robbed us of western McKinney are curved. You break a turn absolute king chaos is all others as best Matt Turner and just last weekend Brendan aronson, the Timothy Chalamet of U.S. men's national team football, but first up, who replaces western McKinney, that human bowling ball meme lord. We've got options, 23 year old. We've got 23 year old Lucca de la Torre fresh out of Heracles in the Dutch area of the vizier Kellen Acosta. Boujee Reina, making some beds, yet yesterday calling center midfield, his quote favorite position, but he's really working his way back to fitness after 5 months of frustrating double injury herc. What do we do? Well, let me just start off by saying nobody can replace what western McKinney does. Western McKinney has been the best player for the U.S. defense national team and the best player in the U.S. potentially in pool for quite some time. You mentioned that protocol breach that cost him the first window. Since then, in many wanted to excommunicate west of McKinney from the program. Many wanted to get rid of them and those pundits know who they are. They went on record saying it. He's been lights out since. Remember the Tanner's Mexican. We won't name them for their other team as Mexican. Well, there's a lot more than just that. But yes, yes, he's been so good from a production value. I mean, his goals are what he does in the field is unquestionable. You can't unsee what you see. We talk about his importance. He was the MVP of the nation's league in concave. He was massive versus Mexico. In a game where I thought Mexico outplayed them, but they scored the goals and set pieces were a factor..

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