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Speaker paul molly. Needless express january seventy nine and some criteria. I just vaguely it's interesting monster. And about the the emerging seem he writes about three bands therapy objects the passage and joy division joy. division are about to appear with a couple of tracks on the very first factory released a compilation of let's leave us rights resolve. Hasn't it says that two year develops scruffy patchwork of ninety mistakes gullibility in indecision yet gloriously insignificantly that actual music developed from clumsy. Three-quarters seabirds into an open spatial rock sound the Rock instruments accepted roles in a subtly different equally appetizing way to that used by the banner. She's will public image. I'm trying to get his head Division do speak in this piece as well get him. He does doesn't okay. 'cause he really don't very many extant interviewees. He was pretty taciturn. Man yeah now. he's he says doesn't say lot. But it says in fact. Morgan says Titular is a group. They've confessed k difficult. This is very much bonnie you're not But jazz but luther vandross sherline greek theater los angeles review by trump. The la times in october bracy to and the headline is time foundress a staggering potential. This is little vandross. May wants to david bowie. The backing singer. But he obviously didn't pick up much of rockstars flamboyance vandross. Black music's brightest arrivals in years last week. Greek theater was appear on lease stunning showcase his multitude of talent. But he's not yet a great showman when he was never a particularly britain sharma. The little couldn't don't. I think one of the great singers of seventies eighties so music and rytas and just crossman. I think he was. He's pretty rules about lucy's marvelous of houses. Not only from this review shames wasn't vandross someone just as vandross man particularly to he does all young americans. I thought that was was fabulous. I didn't really go wild for his satellite stuff. I thought the documentary about how they put together. A track like win was just absence. Shortly with the syncopation of the voices in different registers in fanatic. As a as a writer. I honestly would would try and steal that idea of how you throw an idea backwards and forwards a mother. As it were chorus. I watched over and over this to that song album overnight water might just but then we have. We have a piece brought to say i. I was going to throw in that. We actually have a reappraisal of of young americans in the two thousand seven this week which is very interesting daryl easily in record collector so he writes about how young americans is is. David bowie's most underrated album about how he kind of had this cross cultural concepts that he was trying to trying to make happen on that..

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