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Seven minutes after maria clogging 610 wtvn john corby with the big friday show and star wars got off to a good start last night at the box office nfl protests are affecting the sale of chicken wings but hey it's friday i'm john corby i'm josh cease and i'm chad highland and we are the big baths brothers and merry christmas requests merry christmas we could say that here right yeah had to make sure that it at ten days out only ten days yes because by sama tracker tv channel on at t tells me i've got ten days left you know 'cause i got put that on every day for the boy 'cause he dean's to see aung san is still common a thigh i thought maybe could also simple math 25 minus that athena's ten but i mean i get which would wouldn't you mentioned the boy we're good where i i thank you on with so and what happens on on christmas desert actually show you it turns into like a radar and shows the track of where he is and for some reason santa likes to start over in asia he likes to make sure all the chinese in the korean children's are taken care of and then he works his way some reason he does still stop in the middle east and then worked his way to africa than up to europe the nico comes back over here at least that's the way they did a last year is that because of the international dateline or some i do believe that is has the north korea threatening to new gm he has to he has to drop off some good stuff this year he's in trouble while he can reach uh kim jongun can can reach the north all i mean all yeah there's no question as within range by me he is an elf elven looking creature yeah maybe he the sheesh that was his old job the hustle hook up he's crafty by say head humphrey here's he made in toys verve last boys and girls here.

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