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Welcome in to poke the bear episode 68 Conor 68 the Fabian liesl episode. The Fabian lysell preseason number episode. I'm asmer now ski. That is Connor Ryan Connor. What is up? Evan, doing well. How you doing? I'm doing great. We are all kind of just sitting here waiting until the bruins play again. It's another big, long break. Kick off action again. I feel like I've grown a hundred years in these. I've now officially 18 years old. Pretty crazy since the last game. Pretty incredible. You're now 45 years old, so good for you. And thank you. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Well, I'm at least glad that we don't have a Wednesday Thursday back to back. I know I think we recorded one. Before the Carolina game and it was like, I think the top comments like, what the fuck guys, why are you doing this? We have sponsors and other factors outside of our control that play into that. So we're not doing it just to spite people, by the way, of like, we're in terms of going to miss a game and be getting caught up on stuff. So I'm thankful for that, but I am not thankful for another extended stretch of no games at all, which is absolutely brutal. Yeah, we're just doing it to piss people off this way. Oh, we missed last night's purpose. And it's also good to have, you know, you the listener know that we're gonna be out Tuesday mornings. There are Thursday mornings. You know what day something is coming out, which is good, which is what you want. You're relying on that download. So to speak. Relying maybe is a little heavy of a word, I guess. Maybe a bit much. But it's a hate listen. Who knows? Hey, listen, yes. Oh, I hate these guys. I have to listen. I mean, I'll admit I hate watch a lot of things. I hate look at a lot of things. I'll hate something and just watch it and then I get mad, but I'm like, I kind of enjoy being the story. It's purpose. It means I did. Maybe it made me feel better. I don't know. Anyways, first thing we will talk about today was the big news of the week. You had the tweet, it did very well. So congratulations to you. But obviously it's not about you. I should mention that. But the bruins came out and said they watched the Kyle beach interview together. As a team, Bruce Cassidy and Patrice bergeron recommended they do it. They did it. It was very powerful, Brendan Carlos spoke about it. Jeremy swayman spoke about it on Wednesday. That's leadership. That is real tangible leadership. That is what every team in the NHL should be doing is watching it as a team and denouncing it the way the bruins have done it. And I mean, you can sit there and praise the bruins and we will and we have and they're a really good team. It's no secret they have had great leadership for years. But this seems like another level of really good leadership out of them. A lot of teams have spoken out about this, but I haven't seen or heard of any other teams watching it together in the way the bruins did. Well, I think it's just a positive development in terms of Bruce Cassidy mentioned that he watched it and he took the angle either as from a coach or from he said he put it in the shoes of a parent or someone where a kid heads off to college or they go off to junior, you hope, you know, as a parent they're in safe hands in a safe environment, and that clearly was not the case with Kyle.

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