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I got a one up just now or or whatever kind of video game reference. I could make instead of making video game references all the time I was like. I'll put sister act in there because I really like six sister AC. I watched that recently that holds up. That's a good movie. Oh Dude for sure. That's for sure. Yeah the sequel. Take her leave the original. I mean I mean is gold and but yeah man so along those lines. It's it's a little more general pop culture than just video games like definitely wanted people to enjoy even if they didn't have it. Have all the you know that knowledge for the Reference Base? I guess but yeah. It's very much based in like kind of Saturday morning cartoons That kind of thing that. That's that's definitely the like Saturday morning cartoons as you would remember them. You know that kind of right. Yeah which I really appreciate very much thought of selling on a whim. This is on the show people to scare me mentioning that we spoke this long in the normal sense. We should just throw random music over this second to. Oh actually we're GONNA HAVE WE'RE GONNA have this. You're listening to a completely different song. Oh my gosh magic. It's just it's just a touch of love as featured in the movie sister. Yes sign me up and call me butterball. Is that a line from the movie. I remember that thing life depends would like it to say that. Yes no it was. It was Maggie Maggie. Smith was caught me about about getting Maggie Smith impression. I picture that pretty well though that that that did the trick I've been watching A lot of classic next generation because Star Trek Picard has been on the air. It's fantastic does it take place on Earth. It takes no part of it. I remember seeing image still of any organized diner yet. It takes all over all over the universe but he lives he. He bought a chateau and vineyard in France. And that's what he does but like. Npc's he's off on an adventure anyway but A gummy interested in watching the original series. And I love seeing Whoopi Goldberg and in the original series again here which reminded deer. Did you hear that? He mentioned a he. He basically invited her back for season. Two Picard. Aw Man I'll be so good. Cassini was so important to that show like they had we gotta get into the show soon but they counselor on the show Deanna. Troi like. She felt like she couldn't speak to the humans with authority. The way would be Goldberg's character and she wasn't human she was like a super long lived like really wise person who just knew a whole lot about human behavior and was so good with everybody on the show which she just really good at. Code switching. Yeah I think so. She grounded the show she. She became like kind of the filter in which we could view these. These people lives of cool. Anyway go back and watch season four of next generation. Because it's so good you don't know who the characters are. All you remember that the live in Spain. They live in space. Wow Okay robbed. You have to rewind per second because we we didn't and this is my fault. We didn't mention the game because they'll come later. We'll just talking. You'll get a double dose of Ruzyne. We just won't stop talking about. We can talk a little bit about some of like. Maybe I'd like to know some of your process a little bit and I can talk about the game and how that came about as we're listening to some music. So let's let's talk about our topic. Our topic Is Stank face jam? I had no idea what this wasn't told me. Tell tell me what that means to you. well I was just thinking about. There's this one track and I it's really one of my favorite all-time Vga tracks. So I'm embarrassed that I always get confused on whether it's a level four level five. I think it's a little five. But it's from bloody WOLF FOR THE TURBO GRAPHIC. Sixteen and it just every time it comes on like a start doing this little like my face gets all like I get like A. It's like a weird. If you know stank face it's kind of like you smell something bad but you love it like I love. How bad the smells and and you kind of your head search. Do Okay good good. I mean I'm assuming the the the cover art for this one is going to be amazing and we can have some stank faces on there to kind of illustrate will. We're Joan what we're talking about but It's GonNa be it's GONNA be weird. It's GonNa be very strange. It's going to be one of the strangest wants for sure okay. Lot of green wiggly lines to illustrate the Earth but anyway idle Husky definitely definitely a whole scratch schiff. Yeah Yeah masterbuilt. That's right so yeah I in but anyway I that song just kind of makes me do like a little a little snaky kind of head motion in my shoulder. Start moving a little bit and I get the Stang face on and I'll just like. Why don't we do something about stuff? That kinda like. Get in the stank zone so Yeah it's usually stuff that's a little bit on the slower in doesn't have to be but just things that are a little bit funky. Maybe that loud and clear yeah. Yeah because we're we're all at. Oh before we get started that bloody both track is that the one that's like a funky beat that boop boop boop it in house like a glass smashing clash shuttering Vero Pinger. Open your was composed by the bad news. I think stage from the game bloody wolf bad dudes. They arranged by Cameron Child Music. Our and okay and I remember them play like they just couldn't get over that this is really good Also I just want to plug the latest episode of the Legacy Music Hour. Go download that they. They have their names keeping the timeline. It's so funny it's so funny. What was it called? Oh thank you. It's called you're fired. Oh and they play mode how you the helme. Jeez Rob Your. They play the song over and over again. That's super chill and Super Funky. And they're just like hey glad you came into my office. See you've been coming in late. S- fire somebody in the coolest possible but anyway go ahead that's peak to me that's peak legacy music hour when they when they get caught up on these weird bits for like twenty minutes and just trying to like make each other laugh. That's to me the best stuff I really. I really really liked it. I was I had to work on Saturday and I have my headphones on and I was like working a desk and then all of a sudden they start doing that. I just start laughing my head off. It's all right. So you're I stank. Face track we all be all chose some pretty big tunes for the show coming some meat all over the place. Which would you want to go with? I all right. This is slow moon from streets of rage two this was released on the Sega. Genesis and it was composed by US Okiro.

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