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Angeles. Orange County's live everywhere on the I Heart radio app. Not getting better. I'm Michael closure from the K F I 24 hour news room hospitals in California struggling to deal with the spike in covert 19 cases. This doctor in L. A says he's been working for 11 days straight, and he sees the seriousness of the virus every day. I'm not going to sugarcoat it as an intensive care, doctor. I I thought I was prepared to take care of critical patients. This is the speciality that I chose to go into. But this is nothing that I've seen before California. Many other states across the country have imposed restrictions to try to keep him overwhelming horse hospitalized he used and staff with Kobe 19 cases. Ah Funeral service has been held in Lancaster for a CHP motorcycle officer killed in a crash. That crash happened in late November. CHP Officer Andy Ornelas died in the hospital just over a week later. His mom Kelly is a retired CHP officer. Thank God For the Amazing 27 years. He let me have my son. She said she always knew her son would want to be a motor officer. I asked him if the joy and pride of being a motorcycle officer Would be worth his life. He said. Yes, Mom, As you and dad taught me, we have to live life every day like it's your last, she says. That's exactly what her son did every day. Military officials with Operation Warp speed, say once a covert 19 vaccine has approved a plan to begin distribution very quickly in 10 is for the 24 hours of trucks roll. And then overnight basically overnight with 48 Hours of vaccines have arrived at the locations that they've been designated by the jurisdictions and the administration. The vaccine can occur immediately afterward. Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski says medical supplies including syringes, alcohol wipes and personal protective equipment will also be sent out to help with administering the vaccine, the FDA said to meet today to discuss giving.

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