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Clippers are fresh off of a timeout. Nuggets have a five point lead mantra as Harold hasn't the elbow started by Mason Plumlee dipped his shoulder offensive foul mantra. There's much as Harold is a is a be in the right spot. Everybody penetrate. Get on the offensive glass guy. Try to go one on one. I'm not sure that's his strength. Denver basketball coming back the other way at mid court circulars. Monte Morris throws it inside the arc over the Mason Plumlee hands it off behind him to Murray out, too, and in the primal scream. By seven. Top of the key is mantra as Harold, We've action over to Paul George and the paint Tahereh leads in Lay up, No good rebound, Tapped and grab by Paul Millsap. Millsap has it across the time line. Got it out there by Liu Li Er by Paul George throws it out the family Only entry pass into Porter guarded by sham it much smaller player could shoot right over him. Instead, he throws it off. The mill stuff gets down the lane leaves in. Got no missile tip for go either by Mason Plumlee and the outlet pass comes off the whole George Front court passed Lou Williams back over to George back over the Williams head fake and then a three Distant, flat footed rebounded. Plumlee quick outlet pass off over the Monte Moore's more started by Landry Sham buddies at the shake on the left hand side with the back out on top to Murray, right side Porter. His three pointers been blocked. You won't head fake from out there willing no. By Michael Green Pass off over to Paul George and the paint, he gets back over to Green for three wide open triple No good rebound thought for by Monte Morris and Paul Millsap. And the two teammates knock it out of bounds. Did he up? Get a break on a missed a wide open shot and then teammates fighting over Landry. Sham. It looks in and down goes toe. Patrick Beverley through the window. They drop it off to sue box He goes from first side Got foul liberally by Mason Plumlee Still how you catch the ball. Take two steps to put the ball down. Dribble. Take two mohr and get to where you need to go. That'll be free throws coming up here for the votes of zoo bots line. 13th career playoff game, Fourth year player out of Bosnia Herzogovina. That makes him Bosnian Herzogovina number one forms up in game number nine chairman Crap Game number two, had 15 points on six of eight shooting with nine rebounds. Last four games. He's 16 of 21 shooting with eight boards at 76% from the floor. Jeremy Grant back on the floor now for Denver. Second free throw for box That one goes in. And here come the Denver Nuggets. They're holding on to a five point lead. 43 to 38. Monte Morris gets the out pass off over the Mason Plumlee on the baseline. Michael Porter Jr has been over the Mason back A porter in a three got nothing but boom Michael quarter to three. Top of the key is Subodh Subodh straddles the three point line. Hand it off to my Leonard gets picked jukebox gets to the free throw line. Jump shots up in 46 to 40 Nuggets lead is at six. Monte Morris has against a high pick. Formacion family moves off of that to the dotted line gets a reporter, Baseline bank. No good, and there's a foul on jukebox on the rebound, shoving Mason Plumlee out of the way. Michael Little thing, Just see he's gotta learn. You know, guys are bigger.

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