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Pittsburgh steelers fans welcome back to the second part of the steelers. Post game podcast. I'm jeff hartmann senior editor behind the steel curtain. Dot com joining me as always scofield editor. Bt se and. brian. Anthony davis or podcast producer. We are continuing to go through our of ratings. Were grading giving out grades. Zoe's always in the post game. Before we do this. I wanna talk about the inactive list. Roberson go ahead and explain. It does what happened the list. I think this matters now. Okay well and not only that. I had several players that i thought i picked all the correct positions for the inactive list. I just wasn't sure which players it would be those positions and i actually had an article ready to go. I had names in there. So i could delete other names like i'm gonna pick up the most notable name and put it is the headline so i get the inactive list. I put the headline on their buddy johnson and active for this leads inactive for steelers week. One only to find out nine minutes later when the steelers publish it. It's not buddy johnson. It's robert splaine now. They always give it to labrador report and he reports it apparently from the time they told him. Hey this is what it's going to be sent out at eleven thirty to the time. They actually had to turn it in is when they had to make the call with roberts poulain having a shin injury in pre-game warmups so therefore spelane ended up out and buddy johnson ended up in. So that's why it was a roberts blaine some people it's like. Oh this is going to. What's being to the depth chart now. It was an injury thing so they went with it. Don't know where that would put split on special teams. I thought of it right off the bat Kickoff return if that would have been different but who knows but that's how that went down all right. It's good to note because we're going to talk about the defense. Let's start off looking at josh allens numbers. We're going to base our grades off of that. Josh islanders thirtieth fifty one thirst for two hundred and seventy yards of five point. Three average one touchdown. No interceptions was sacked three times. He's a tough guy to bring down. That's really important. Seventy nine point seven rating. Let's talk about the steelers pass rush. I the steelers finished the game with eight quarterback hits okay. That's that's incredible and then three sacks tj wad with two cameron heyward with a third. The was almost a half a sack. Two and a half. I wasn't sure if they're going to give tj half on that one. But hayward was definitely there. I but tj helped from not getting away. Sorry if josh allen is. Let's say tom brady type. Quarterback is going to sit in the pocket or what had eight tax they have lit up the scoreboard data. Stacks Like the rolling rate the pass rush. Grade the pass rush. I should say bryan. we'll start with. You will go in the same order. I thought the pass rush was absolutely phenomenal. I have one guy that i want to. Mention is melvin ingram. The third i think he changes what they can do on that team by having a third starter in there so you mix and match and pull those guys in and out move them around. He's playing on both sides In relief he's playing early and often. He's getting to the quarterback. I thought they were great. I did not expect. I was afraid that that sack record was going to fall this week and it looked for a while that all right it very well could but then they got it going in also not just the sax how many more would had if the bills weren't holding everybody highsmith would have had a sack there. There was ingram. Would've had a sack. There were so many sack opportunities. Okay so did you. What was a great again. A all right. Dave grade to pass rush yeah. That sounds good. A sounds great. I mean how great is it to where. Tj watt comes off the field and you're not overly concerned about it because you've got two other players that are that are also getting the job done. I'm not saying they're both. Tj watt. but what i'm saying is it's not. it's not oh my goodness what a fall off that all three of them fantastic job constantly bringing the pressure they were they were held. I put a picture on twitter. The touchdown that bill scored the offense of teaching what made around the office of live at. He reached back and grabbed. His shoulder was the only reason. Josh allen was not sacked on that and threw that touchdown pass and how that doesn't get called. I don't know that one was to me. The most egregious out of any of the missed calls. But that's just what they were what they were doing But i mean my dad asked me is is the bills line that bad or steelers pass rush that good to me. The steelers patrushev at good i agree. They were the elite. They was an elite performance. By the pass rush. Let me ask you this because you are. Brian socially bryant is david you. You've mind for this dumb. Michael back was asking on twitter. Is this the best dealers trio of pass rushers that we've ever seen at least in the modern era. Think about the pass rushers so we have ingram highsmith. What is there been any trio. That's better either of brian. Dave whoever wants to dl. Go you know what i'm going to say. No this isn't the best. 'cause that blitzburgh team had a lot of great pass rushers you had. You could throw gilded and chad brown in the mix along with the fact that you had green and lloyd just just edge persistent so ask edges that so much that you put them all you want to get them all three on the field at the same time the no. I don't think there's another if you're just talking straight and rushers. Yes edge the no. I can't recall anybody. Yes it was the third harrison woodley. Was there a third there for them. Was it a hagen was was it world's world's was there in two thousand ten You had hagen's in there for a little bit because like but even even then that's not even comparable. Yeah i know this is really that good and being that good and the other two being that good you know. This is just one game yeah. Tj watts on pace for thirty four sacks here. and i'm you know what with them half they would've would've yeah. It'd be forty two tom. You're against us three dollars. One for each total sack. Thank you tom. We appreciate it indeed. Are i give them an a. What else can be said. But let's go to the secondary. The steelers did surrender a lot through the air. Three two hundred seventy yards but boy. That's what the second one attempts though. Yeah you're right you're right you're right you're right When you look at the numbers. I mean pass breakups or pass defenses. Make ahead one g the cam hayward with two ingram with one seven total.

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