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Hi i'm johnny isakson totta with a very special week a great story of the johnny and friends with a week of stories about friends whose marriages really inspire titus chapter two says to and everything set others an example and when it comes to marriage we all need good examples don't we are adversary hates christian marriage and he would love nothing more than to destroy faithfulness in marriage as well as any level or devotion one way the devil targets marriages is through disability i'm sure he figures that a chronic disabling condition is the best way to tear a couple apart to wear them out demoralized them have him throw in the towel but what satan intends for evil gaden tens for good it's why disability can be the very thing that god used to strengthen a marriage using a couples greater conflict as a way of speaking to couples who deal with lesser conflict and when i think of great conflicts i think of my friends brian and haley they met his teenagers working in the same restaurant and brian realized red away that haley was not your typical girl she took her faith and christ seriously and because of that they became fast friends and after really getting to know each other over a few years brian asked haley to marry him five short months later when they were still only engaged brian had a life altering accident he was working on logging equipment at a tree farm it was cold and the workers would often start a barrel fire to warm their hands after using the tools this particular day the fire became a bit too high so in an effort to bring the fire down to a safer level brian grabbed what he thought was a bucket of water to throw on the flames but the bucket was actually filled with gasoline which caused an explosion and a 20foot fireball brian's closed were already saturated with greece from working and flames burned him terribly the accident was devastating brian had thirddegree burns over ninety seven percent of his body and only a.

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