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I've got the opportunity to opt for survivor benefits from my wife. My pension. I realized the ideal option would be to have a term policy that would replace my pension, but the price of the policies a bit more than the cost of the survivor benefit program. Should I just consider this as a term life policy that goes away after me and my wife pass or is it worth the extra to pass it on to the next generation? I'm not worried about the next generation. I'm worried about her as a survivor benefit are not having a survivor benefit. So if you're not going to take the survivor benefit, you're going to buy the term life insurance to cover the drop in income that your household will have when you die. And I think you need to check Zander insurance. And the value of the survivor benefit annually. Whatever she would receive annually times ten or twelve is all you need in term life insurance. And I don't think that's going to be more than the drop. Typically, you'll come out a lot better off doing that. Because you get so much more money. By not taking the survivor benefit, but you can look at it and run the numbers out. But I think you've either tried to purchase too much term life insurance or purchase it for too long. Or you've got an ailment or you're overweight or something like that. Or you shopped for insurance around place because those numbers that you're giving me wouldn't normally turn out that way. So check further into it. And but but certainly the big the main goal here is after all these years of serving your.

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