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Asked about other countries many countries are now gaining the capability to explore the solar system from china and russia to numerous european and asian countries and they have been doing this in fact even in the middle east the first mission to mars is about to launch and indians for example are putting their second rover lander mission down on the surface of the moon so that's exciting at the same time nastase program of planetary exploration is really going through a renaissance and doing very well and doing very exciting stuff in terms of the astro biology like david is expert in and also in just plain exploring the solar system and preparing the way for humans which nasr's also doing and there's a third front and that is the development of commercial spaceflight this lowering costs of launches dramatically and beginning beginning to generate the capability for private companies to do exploits you're happy to share the playing field with all of these players leverage leverage we'll give what he done why oh yeah oh because you guys do that and then we'll handle this if every airplane that flew in every ship the sail the seas had to be us navy or us air force we wouldn't have nearly the vibrant al commerce that we do in the air and on the seas right this is part of the natural progression is we're moving forward from where only nation states in the twentieth century could master stay slow country scan wasn't a birthright that it seemed like we were the only ones that were able to do it americans i don't now only americans have corporations that are feeling this capability i think it's really exciting and i think this is this is right where we live now is the beginning of star trek this is where star trek begins you agree with that assessment absolutely you know that there's a lot more innovation happening because they're more players in the game there's competition people figuring out how to launch stuff into space more cheaply and that is a huge game changer that's what it's all about is reducing the cost to get stuff off earth and that's happening the president wants to be what is it back to we wants to be on mars and some time primarily people may not notice that the trump administration is a very sophisticated and exciting a vision for space exploration it's not about the lunar mars it's about humans expanding into the solar system all of it so it's not a choice between moon mars it's moon and mars and the asteroids to and then moving beyond to far away locations they're really thinking about it in the way that you would expect for the beginning of of the real expansion into the cosmos how should we think about it anyway here's my answer thanks for asking here's my answer i want us to have a plan b in case a giant asteroid is coming i want us to at least be able to save the species somehow on moon mars rope pluto someplace a space station i want us to nocco kapllani.

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