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Flushed was flushing for both of them. It was like so exciting. Can we make this about distraction will in fact, the would distracted is in the text? So we read just as run is kind of in this days off to mining kisses him before the game the textiles he seemed to distracted to notice much around him. But Harry cost a curious glance of the crown-shaped badges as they possibly slithering table. Oh, Ron is still distracted from the kids. Yes. I thought he was then distracted at how nervous he was about the game. Exactly. And I think his whole game experience is influenced by this moment genuinely 'cause I think what we can perform well in front of her mind. Exactly. Yes. I think this is a major moment in that romance. Because we're going to see the relationship between and hominy around quip, specifically, get more and more intense, especially with the potion that's going to be shed to or is it and so runs already nervous in front of the whole school. But now Miami has about him not only that the brilliant moment of her money is that she kisses run on the cheek and then doesn't kiss hairy because it could have been like, oh, let me guys. Yeah. Good luck. But no, she doesn't even hug Harry. She's like very clearly communicating kiss. Like talk about sacred, secular, right? Like there is like a separation happening here right while I'm thinking of like what a kiss in those moments mean, right? Like, everything exactly. Like, it's both at like a kiss of goodbye before a battle. It's a kiss of like anointing, right? Like, it's the kiss of life off two hundred years of sleeping. This kiss is a moment of heightened connection. But it's it's also without words like so the meaning is still kind of open, and I just think Ron is all over the place, full casper. We know that her money is more evil dead inside strategic aware, then we like to think she never gets distracted from a goal. And she has just pulled the Harry aside and said like don't let Ron look at the badges, and maybe she kisses him to distract him. And like all her main plans, it just goes to well, and she just checks throughout the entire game. This will be so heartbreaking. So you think maybe she's just like strategically giving Rana kiss on his cheek. So he won't notice. How awful everyone else's oil like to make him feel good Inc. At like, there's no bad side to this. She makes him feel great before he sees a badge. And it's like whatever money loves me or he's like oh. And like so flustered by the he doesn't notice. But I think there's integrity to this. I think that she likes Ron, and I think she knows that Ron likes her and is not like, she's compromising her integrity in any way by offering this kiss. But I think she's like now's a good as good at times any ramp thing up, so is not destruction. Because I would say that that relationship is more important than this quidditch game. And so on that right now. That's so true. Right. Because like what makes it distracting? Does it have to be irrelevant in order for it to be a distraction? Oh, interesting some offer an anecdote instead of an answer back. But I think it might be informative. So lately whenever I feel the desired open Twitter. I instead get up in rubbed the dogs belly. 'cause I'm like that is a more productive use of my time than going to Twitter in. It's also caught my attention to how frequently I feel like opening Twitter because the dogs getting a lot of belly rubs, and so Twitter is like just a distraction and the dog is just a distraction from the work. But just because it's more meaningful doesn't mean that it's not a distraction. It's a break instead of a distraction. Maybe what I love about that is that you're noticing when you're getting distracted. I mean that that's what I think is so hot it's so easy to fool into those habits. And suddenly, it's five minutes later. And you're like, why am I reading about raw blow giving commentary on the British politics. Like why? So in those cases, I think. Like, yet is a distraction in order for us to know, if it's distracting, we have to know like what the point of our work were being is in some way. Like, and I think one of the challenges with all of this is like a distraction isn't just about like distracting us from our work. So that we're more productive. And that when more, you know, working harder and smarter. Like, that's not what life is about. Yes. It's about contributing in some way. But I wanna put something bigger than my work on my productivity or the economy at the center of my life. And so, you know, if you look at monastic cultures I love that idea that so much of what happens in a monastery is full the glory of God to use that language. Right. Like, it's about something bigger than me or about what I'm doing. And at the same time like that's so hard to do every day. And like, I know precisely like maybe three people who are able to do that. That's a lot right? And I mean, there will monks like that's the thing. Right. There will monastic people. I don't know why I'm thinking about that. But that's something that because to some extent. What has happened is my brain has become distracted in by going to the dog instead of opening Twitter in that moment of distraction. I'm like, let me remind myself about things that matter connection with other living beings. So I'm gonna go and like the dog is a reminder that this is what matters and then go back to my like meaningful work, rather than let the moment of distraction determine my next step as sort of reactive to boredom which isn't necessarily what's happening. Exactly. And so just because I've gotten up for my work doesn't mean I'm distracted from my work. It means I took a moment of distraction and made a meaningful moment out of it. Whereas if I just gone onto Twitter, I would have just gotten distracted upon distracted. I think we're becoming more and more weather that those moments where we go to social media or we go to a news platform. Our attention is what gives companies prophet. And so one of the things that you read about in the papers now around Silicon Valley is that the, you know, the most senior. Executives in these big tech companies all the strictest about the children, not using screens all engaging with tech until they're much older because they know how a dictator of these platforms are an it's the tree changing the wiring and op brain so that one of the jobs that I heard a futurist talk about like that'll be a real thing in like twenty four thirty is like a neuro protection person like that. You'll literally like blocking things from getting to your brain because it would shape distract it from you know, the thing you'll creating all the work that you're doing all the life even that you're trying to live. And so if we can train cells, which is so haunt to do what you're doing. That's a beautiful transformation of of distraction that saps something from us to something that creates more connection in our lives. That's powerful. I mean, so now I'm on Twitter three hundred hundred instead of four hundred. This week's episode of Harry Potter and the sacred tax is brought to you by shudder 'em Sundance. Now's new show discovery of witches adapted from Deborah Harkness's bestselling all souls trilogy. A discovery of witches modern day love story set in a world where witches vampires and demons secretly live and work alongside humans hidden in plain sight, obviously, a romance novel fan and a Harry Potter fan. This is right up. My alley shudder is a premium streaming video service super serving fans of all degrees with the best selection of horror and thrillers. Sundowns now offers original and exclusive dramas comedies and true crime series. In addition to award winning movies from every genre, including foreign language and documentary features all streaming commercial free head over to discovery of witches, TV dot com and use promo code Harry Potter for a free thirty day trial of either shutter or Sundance now. That's discovery of witches TV dot com and promo code Harry Potter. So let's talk about the game Vanessa because Harry is totally distracted in the early stages of the game. Right. Harry's job is to go find the snitch, but he spends like Neely a minute. Just watching the game take place. He's listening to the commentary. He's watching the play as of course, Ron is playing. So he's eager to see what happens, but he is way out of it until Angelina screams at him. And he's like horrified once he realizes that he's being so distracted. And part of the reason why he's distracted is that. He is the slithering singing, right? We've already heard snippets of the song. But now like, at least a culture of the school. And I have a sense that some raven close a singing to maybe just for strategic reasons because they won't Griffin dole to lose. But this whole song about Weasley is king is happening. And it really made me think about how song is actually a great protest tactic. Like this leather ends. We can judge for all sorts of things, but they are good at using public protest right now like singing and public is so Discomp. Relating like, it's unknowable that you're able to distract things that are happening. So often people doing direct action will will be singing as they put that bodies on the line. But because it gives one another courage, but also it's a way of communicating a message in a way that if ban is taken down, you still literally have your voice. So I feel like this leather is giving us a social Justice workshop here. Chore? Also, I was distracted by the vaccine Drako at the end is like I wanted to say something mean about Molly. But I couldn't think of anything that ranked with fat. It's literally one of the easiest words to rhyme with bat rat everywhere drat. That with the g not as with Jason. But yeah, what's interesting to me about that is also that drako's whole strategy for catching the snitch is to watch hairy and the hairy has more complex strategy of looking for the snitch while keeping an eye on Drako. I think that that might be a sort of like part of like affiliate spinner benefit to Harry's tactic of two things to concentrate on. So he can't once he's in a is no longer worried about Ron he can focus more because he's paying attention to two things was drako's focus on Harry. It's a bad strategy. Drako has I think Harry strategy is bad because I don't think he's is concentrating on wrong. I think this is one of those classic situations where we want to help a friend. But what would doing is not helping the way to help Brown is to go and cuts snitch? So that like he can get off the pitch as soon as he can. But I think that Harry doesn't want Ron to feel rescued. He wants Ron to have a killer. Save

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