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The fire the near the getty museum in los angeles what's the status of the fire that's closer to the city the other the one that's closer to the city right now there have been some hotspot soda broken out in the bell air neighborhood but for the most part it's been contained it looks good i was speaking to a fellow npr an editorial employee a little bit earlier and they said that you know 'cause after drive that way to get into npr's building in in culver city in they said everything looks pretty calm in normal comparatively to where it was yesterday where it look like people were driving into a hellish armageddon landscape so that doesn't mean people are out and i know that there was one person in particular spoke to i've been waiting to hear if she could go back to her home she lives in that that neighborhood they're on the west side of los angeles and she still has not been allowed to go see what has happened if anything to her home so there's a lot of concern there's a lot of worry but there's not the same amount of danger that we saw just twenty four hours ago and still a lot of evacuations going on yeah hundreds of thousands um in there might be more again these super winds these so called purple warning wins they could spread embers as far away as san diego county as far away san bernardino this is like you know from new york city to the end the connecticut think of it that kind of distance so a lot of ground can be covered in a very short time because of the potential win threats so there could be even more vacuous shinzan and it should be noted that at least as we're seeing these evacuations at least one good section of the highway the one a wine in southern california has been closed because of these fires so latah traffic a lot of commute problems of congestion and there might be the possibility of even more vacuous and do firefighters have the resources they need to fight these fires are they even trying to stop the fire from spreading at this point or just to protect homes you know part of the strategy yesterday was just to let things burn and make sure people were evacuated because we've had this almost seems miraculously stall of the spread of this fire.

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