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Getting close to somebody is something that you typically wouldn't think about. And the main reason I thought about it was because of Lou Dale and Charlie. Typically, we have a really easy, easy time, like just talking about a criminal just very derogatively. Just like, criminals, of course, anybody would, you know, go in undercover and would be thrilled to turn these guys in. Which is a true story. But it's a little more nuanced than that. And that's the whole thing about Louis Dillon Charlie. That was the whole story, the whole part of that series that was so interesting is that these were actually to many people really likeable people, but also these outlaws. And so I think that's and then, you know, RT is just a random agent. That kind of picked out of the hat. And I go to him and I say, hey, were you ever really close to somebody that you had respect for? And sure was. There was this one guy. So and then I talked to Matthew sharps, doctor Matthew sharps, who says this is really common. So that's interesting thing. And that's where you can't take the human out of the equation. And humans beings being susceptible to relationship. Susceptible to liking someone. Susceptible to seeing something good in someone, even if even if there's some bad stuff. I mean, I think that's a good thing. I was honestly surprised the other way, I felt like I was a little bit surprised that he only had a close relationship with one person. Like, I feel like when you're around people, and this probably speaks to the character of the people that he was around and that were making a career out of poaching. But just like, I feel like I can start to empathize with or have a person to person relationship with just about anybody if I'm given enough time around them, but I think that's kind of remarkable that there was really only one

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