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Market, realtor dot com says not only your buyers put off by higher rates, sellers feel locked in by the low rates on their current homes. Home listings in April were down 21% from a year ago. From the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Lowry kosky, on WTO P. This is WTO P news. A 30 year old man with a history of mental illness died this week Monday after being put into a choke hold on a New York City subway car. The city's medical examiner sermon that Jordan Neely's cause of death was compression of the neck. Witnesses say Neely was acting erratically and making verbal threats. When a 24 year old marine veteran stepped in and held nearly in a chokehold. He doesn't let go until his body goes limp. Former Manhattan assistant DA Michael bachner. Can someone see someone acting erratically and hold them in a choke hold? Under New York State law, a person can only use the level of force necessary reasonably necessary to stop the conduct. Buckner says a self defense claim may not be as simple for a trained marine. A marine knows how to seduce somebody without choking them out. CBS correspondent lilia Luciano reporting this morning. Police in Davis, California, you say they've arrested a suspect in connection with three stabbings near the University of California Davis in the last week, two of the attacks were fatal, but he won the year old Carlos Dominguez has been charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder, Kayo VR TV's medicine kiwi spoke to investigators. How did you link the three stabbings? Through our investigative process, examination of physical evidence and that information we knew about the three crimes. That could include any evidence taken from this home on Hawthorne lane, a short walk to the second crime scene where police believe Dominguez stabbed and killed. UC Davis students, Kareem Abu najim. Based on what you know about him now, would you classify him as a serial killer? Based on the information that we have in the definition of a serial killer that would apply. And Memphis Tyree Nichols died of blunt force injuries, you may remember to the head after he was beaten by city police during his January arrest coming after a traffic stop. That is the conclusion in the autopsy report from the Shelby county medical examiner. It was released months after one of the latest police killings to prompt nationwide protest at an intense public conversation about police brutality. Nichols was black as were the 5 officers fired and charged with second degree murder in the case after his death. They've all pleaded

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