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That ninety days is vehicle was a dislocation these times. So then we sent our investigators out to that location during that period of time, we will locate the vehicle and two that locate the person members of the local American Civil Liberties union chapter say, they're glad police are having these discussions, but that they'd like to see more policy in writing on how the readers and their data can be used Ryan Harris, KOMO news. Komo news time nine forty and at the Harley exteriors sports desk. The husky defense is prepping for a new look Stanford offense Saturday night. Komo's Bill Swartz with more in talking dawgs Heisman Trophy candidate Bryce love has been hobbled with an ankle injury all season. So the cardinal of taken to the air quarterback JJ Castillo highest rated passer in the Pac twelve. JJ? Our seato Whiteside second leading receiver in the conference huge test for Washington's defense says coordinator, Jimmy lake they've definitely played to their strengths has been right now their strengths or quarterback in those waters. Leaving Stanford still uses multiple tight end formations. I asked you linebacker Ben Burtt curve in how you guys are six five and two hundred and fifty pounds. I think it just comes out to you know, you gotta beat him at the line have good technique down the field. Because if you let them get on new you're in trouble because dudes are basically just big center is going up and rebounding the ball over people Washington has only three interceptions all season and hope Stanford will try to test their secondary Saturday night. Bill Swartz, talking dawgs, coverage starts at one Saturday on the home of the huskies, KOMO news. These days, there's a reason we invented things.

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