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And that's a really important legal principle because sentencing is supposed to take in a lot of different factors and and increasingly in canada. There's awareness around needing to take in factors related to colonization and colonial Colonial legacy colonial practices that are ongoing today and by handcuffing judges to be able to have that discretion and not just handcuffing them to not have discretion but then to force them to give mandatory minimum sentences it just through a lot of people into into prison that might have otherwise not been sentenced to prison and so like. It's really important to understand like the cruelty behind these changes that That were just so closely associated with the brand of steven harper. And you know yeah. It's curious that that gang moniker is Is mentioned here. And it makes me think of a situation. That just happened montreal. And i'm not sure if you've been following but a couple of weeks ago montreal. Police violently arrested mamadou camara who is a phd student and he witnessed An assault against a police officer and he called it in and he ended up being arrested. He spent six days in jail and He was only released because ministry of transportation camera caught footage of what had happened and completely exonerated him now. The mayor of montreal valerie plant was very steadfast in her opposition to what the montreal police had done. The mantra police refused to acknowledge that systemic racism played a role at all. Members is black and they sent like intimidating messages to the mayor to to make sure that she was not going to investigate what What happened and all this stuff. A couple of days later. A young woman was killed in a in an active What look with seemingly random violence and in response plant has announced that. There's going to be a new gangs division in the montreal police and it's just incredible that this happened within a couple of weeks Where she was like you know. Very strongly opposed to the montreal. Police had done the intimidate her and then she basically turns around and allows them more power based on that kind of moniker of gang violence in the city of montreal. Which is you say so tied to anti blackness into to racial profiling within policing that. It's something that. I just wanted to mention because i really hope people keep watching what happens there And so and so yeah like the the the reproduction of the understanding of gang violence as being violence committed by black people as if like organized crime in. This country is not majori organized by way. People is something that we definitely to to keep our eye out and sandy. I wonder how surprised to see this language. Considering someone like bill blair is involved in these discussions literally not surprised at all like this is what this man is known for in in..

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