Iraq, London, Prime Minister discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Kurdistan through a pro britain miller in tokyo for bloomberg daybreak europe the other so so much to talk about when it comes to central banking action today we're goals are going to get a right to secession from the south africans reserve bank today which is expected to lower its benchmark rate for the second time this year 'bluebox almond butter has the preview from johannesburg seventeen of the training on economists survey by bloomberg expect a twenty five basispoint cut to six point five percent one expects afoot fifty basis point reduction while the remaining three senior change a rate cut would erode the rand's yield appear possibly extending the currency's worst run amok appears at a time when the federal reserve the european central bank and the bank of england i leaning toward tighter monetary policy i'm a columbus bloomberg daybreak europe johannesburg and we all see the south african rand being sort of a call to the downdraw freely when it comes to emergingmarket currencies off by two tenths of one percent against the us dollar this morning ahead of this decision by the south african central bank meanwhile hey in the uk prime minister theresa may faces had next it breaks it huddle when she meets with cabinet today to discuss have planned for friday speech bloomberg spagna a tunnel has the previous may is set to be still working at how far she can go and talking about the bill britain is the eu an issue which deeply divides her party it will be a difficult balancing act she will both need to please the eu said brexit kooks can move on to the next stage while keeping had government afloat in london spaniard arnel primback daybreak europe now bloomberg's on a fascinating survey according to the other twenty seven eu members theresa may's go to get on with it and talk about money in order to move on to the trade negotiations absolutely i think balancing act was the key phrase that spaniel just use their in peace theresa may needs to put something forward he needs to put something on the table for other eu governments to such lee move on to trade negotiations otherwise i think we're going to be stock essentially be iraq in a hard place when it comes to these are breaks in negotiations the.

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