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None in fact yeah so like i you probably feeling like a sense of i don't i have to have these people in my life and i don't really you like them if you're full up on men if you're in involuntary male interactions are enough to get you by that is fine the crux of the question was what should i be cognizant of is go out and try to meet people who have similar inclinations that i do that might help me alleviate some of this exciting about doing with crop guts so those along way of asking how'd i meet new people oh you've got to find where the gay at yeah find find a career community so the other day i was talking to one of my best friends carlin and we're both we identify as queer and i was telling her about how i wanted to write this fiction book and i wanted to base the characters off my friends but no one would believe that this cast of characters exists because they were the everyb all six of my best friends are queer in some capacity and it sounds unrealistic to an outside person but if you are in the queer community it's just like you've got a weird magnet you've got like a weird like thing you flying together on the top of your head yeah find each other yeah i'm not saying that you necessarily have to go to like gay bars or places that are designated for finding someone to kiss like just like a safe space i'm especially in cities there are often like queer meet up stuff like that we also have the basic advice that we give all the time which is find a place where people are doing the thing that is one of your hobbies so like there's drink andros for people who are artists there are classes at museums that sort of thing and obviously like some of those things come with the the the gate of you know buying something but but those places exist in queer people are also they're they're all we're everywhere.

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