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What would be the freight so we tried to get them into population bases where there was at least byerly baseball tanks but his is bigger co uh dream was to you'll have a lotta team to to get started to to help pay the bills uh for the league and continue to grow but he really wanted a smaller major cities elite which is why he eventually guy uh with this reorganisation starting in nineteen twenty seven twenty eight and twenty nine he went from small town kings into majorleague cities of the that the padma bulldogs in akron pros and the toledo malone's and teams like those fell off and favor of the chicago bears the chicago cardinal the new york giants uh uh you week put several different attempts him in cities like buffalo in cleveland detroit had several teams before they finally settled on the lions so it was his vision that did that i actually have a newspaper story um jack that uh in 1930 uh thirty three 19th 33 he's visiting uh in minneapolis minnesota but minor league baseball executives meeting and heating learned of the city fathers we're going to build a an arena in minneapolis and he's quoted as saying if they had the proper vision they would understand that our game is moving towards indoors and if they wish smart they would build better reno to be large enough to facilitate pro football so they do 33 he's talking about dumpster stumps lead to this they get this is the kind of beijing the guy had not to go and stadiums leader minnesota's had a super bowl so it's uh you know it was that kind of vision that made joe cars so special in without his vision delete would never have made it through the twenty our own detroit need of ms you grab joe dilemma lear police her my buddy the beers and one of the kindness gentleness gelling and say no uh you know i can't say enough about him i've known him since.

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