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On Monday. And I they do is, you know, making wisecracks. Okay. And keep it moving. You can just tell they're trying to sports talk radio. Here's poll questions. All right. But they're not sports poll question, Fred. This was Monday White SOX. One is the one this poll question one is the one item you have and home that if it broke would make you said or. Yep. It's called quick question. Brought to you by some sponsor, then the celebrity line. During the game. You know, who was on White Sox? Triple eight catcher Zack Collins zip right before James McKay that whole run very good. You remembered his it's I got nothing else record show. We don't talk about anything. Appreciate. Busy watching get ready to watch soccer, by the way, Byron Munich, and but Rouge adoring go down to the final weekend week missing a lot interviewing with a picture of them. You know, a triple eight triple eight catcher, cools Collins, whatever's like sports talk radio who gets concussion the next day. Yeah. So all the sudden like you say as a home run it interrupts says. Says. Come back and say, hey, Xantia was a home run. What did you think of that? And it turns out to touch her two talents hoping Sunday to run the place. Yeah. So what else? This week weekday the they had the Winston Salem manager asking about how the players are doing interviews. Bitch. So I'll just say this. I guess sports talk radio guys make it look so easy right there. Just stone Bonetti doing sports talk radio show pretend that you're co hosting sports talk radio show. Well, here's one problem. Steve Stone his net entertaining. And is the least funny person you'll ever meet in the world. Jason I feel sorry for him in this sets. He's is probably a terrific play by play guy just learned to play by play their calumnies. Big funny. Come on keep it moving in Iraq, entertain Fred, we've often talked about, and I'm no good at this very hard to do comedy and radio thoughts possible payment. It's very difficult. People think they're funny being funniest that easy. So tuesday. I'm watching the Cup game at night. Miami true to its fourth-inning Len Kasper, and I guarantee they told him to do this his has let's do a joke of the day. I'm. Remember the ratings came out Monday. And I don't think they were good. Yeah. Let's do a joke at a day and says continues job now we'll be every day and decide to be good. Len Kasper says why did the invisible man not take the job after he passed the interview because he couldn't see himself doing the job blind men couldn't see him? So doing to check.

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