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Assistant principal dog is three assists students with their work at home. Make sure they're doing their work and turn it in principle brown four eight so so this is one of our main things model leaders lead by example. You want you want your children to do certain things you want them to be educated. You want them to do their homework. Show them you reading. Show them you do homework. Show them you doing things to bury yourself. Be Leader Laibach Zone. All right and by Assistant Principal Dawkins all I get to close it out your closing out drum room number five. I will say just love your kids again. I made Mr Brown said it already. But that's the way to like us to end on this note. Love your kids. I mean that's what they need to have his time. Know that someone cares about them and they have your support at the help you know. Lend them to have a successful year. Darnold bursaries learning. Oh that's good and you know the overall theme that I'm from What you will have shared there. Is that the main ingredient of us. Being able to move forward is not just the intention of love but it is the expression of love and so love will take form and fashion to say. Hey listen you need to get up and get online? Love will take fashion horn with just stopped being in. Although you believe your children knows that you love them stop number two and just tell the man I love you number three. If you love me you won't let me go below the bar of excellence so you're gonNA make sure that. I'm completing assignments in turning them in a timely manner. Let me address this point right here. This is a PSA. Everybody keeps asking the question. Will this this work in my student is completing? Willie Count Eight. Let me tell you what accounts for it counts for. Their progressive learning towards their future going to school in learning is not just about getting a great. It is about attending information. It is a alive strategy. Formal education is a life strategy. The results of that formal education will be totally dictated by a rental involvement. I'm talking to you as a parent herbs as a educator. Second the quality of my children's future is based upon Mayan Ball met in their education. 'cause they'll get out of it what it is that. I require from weather. Some people have one experience in in the same environment. Somebody who says the different? It is their level of involvement. Okay now back to this point the expression of love will always meet the it will always meet the need and if you love them that whole idea of do as I say not as I do. That's out the window actually has always been out the window but we like to believe for some reason that that we said they actually did what we did do what they say while they were. President and then when they were not present. We did exactly what they do. And then lastly then we operate in such a motive of love of of that. It caught debates our children's inner potential. If you ever want to see See grow on you have to do is love. You know. Study talks about plants plans that you talked to cultivate a healthy relationship with that. They grow if that works for plants do for humans a firm them speak words of life to been allowed them to make mistakes. That only safe environment for children to make. Mistakes is should be at home and at school. Those are the two central environments. So guess what I can hear Mr Brown in a staff meeting saying you know what this is not about perfection. It's about progress. GonNa give as so. We're nearing the our interview. But I want to give you all a brief second Mr Brown In Mrs Dawkins people have been hearing about Dawson. Elementary Middle School. How can they get in touch with us? How can what we have going on? Where can they jus- they the easy place?.

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