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And I'm really excited to play more of especially because it's easy dropping Cup. I can just go play on the couch and you allow you want to join sue. It's it's nice, I'm appreciating it. But I want to move onto games this week, really quick. This game called demo is a music rhythm game that centers around and mystifying relationship between demo and a little girl. I don't know what that means. But it has Nintendo lab. Oh, piano support which is really interesting. So you can actually play the piano as this character in this game, which is kinda cool though school for select songs. Okay. The the tone of disappointment chunk down to the tip of upside. If you're interested in those kind of games, I think you should still look it up, and that's cool another game which has really good pedigree of a bunch of people who used to work on mega man zero games is underrated series. Yes. Yes. Dragging marked for death. And this is another sites coin action RPG, and it's a it's also sites going, you know, and it doesn't say this in the shop. But there are two different versions and frontline fighters comes with an Persson warrior characters and advance attacker comes with Sonoma and witch. So if you buy one you have to buy the other one as deal see it does not say this anywhere in the shop. I had to go to their actual website to find that out both have full lab. Piano, support in control all of your characters with the Nintendo Alaba, but definitely check out the main website for more info on that game. I know some of you were talking about it in our Facebook for him is is it dragon subtitle marked for death. Or is there a drag marked for death in this game? What I can't tell you that. Okay. I apologize. Spoiler Colin's toilets now that could be taken a lot of anyway. No, I so those games are out this week. And you know, what else is out this week war grew or groove which Tom marks for us. Did did do that group? Good dog owes each point five because of all the dogs and nothing else pretty much. It was a dog game. And I'm happy. No. There is a door below dog things. But the reviews are really going. No, it's it's a advanced worse style tactics game. And I say advanced where style because they wear their inflation on their shoulders like they've very very much are upfront..

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