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Be on the record to say to America oracles that I still believe and Rogers Ban Man I believe in them. I believe he's GonNa show up this weekend and the football world. Just who'd be Russell won't do it either. But I believe in Ann Rogers sermon. This keeps happening. I should've gone first on the second number one lambo. I thought it was very important for the niners to have home field in the NFC because that's one home field advantage. Will you do not want to go to Lambeau this time of year. Particularly when you're facing packers team that can run the ball and play defense. But that's not why I'm going with Aaron Rogers. I shouldn't go with Aaron Rodgers. I should go with Russell Wilson. He's proven it this year more consistently even in his his last win. Aaron Rodgers was awful for a lot of that game by the way I talked about Tom. Brady and the cliff everything. Brady's not as athletic as Roger. So what happens quicker but or the fall can be steeper. Because what are you fall back on. Rogers can still move. He has a bigger but both of them. Rogers and Brady were missing receivers everywhere. You could miss a receiver and Rogers had more to work with right. Left over and under right like overthrowing and under throwing guys with the game on the line late Rogers made one of those plays that only he and maybe Patrick Mahomes in one or two guys make beautiful pass with the game on the align and just going based on faith in a guy. I have seen it like Russell. Wilson reminds me a bit of Aaron Rodgers but everything Wilson could do at their best. Rogers could do better right like as a quarterback and and I'm just going based on the fact I've still seen flashes from Rogers that tells me it's in there and if it is he can do it in a way that Russell Wilson can make no mistake. The the packers defensive stout in both these guys are correct. The mistake they're making isn't saying that going based off. Faith saying that Aaron Rodgers do one. I learned this the hard way Max Stephen Gambling thing. You can't just hope it's going to be the next hand. You can't just hope that. Oh this is going to be the time that Aaron Rodgers shows because the problem is I think that's what packers fans hoped all season long and they never necessarily got that now again. I'm not saying that the packers are GONNA lose the game by no means because I think they're more stout I think they have more weapons. But you're talking. Got A guy in Russell. Wilson who accounted for ninety five percent of his team's offense last week ninety five percent agai Russell Wilson Thirty One touchdowns Rajathi's August twenty six. He had five interceptions understandably Roger before so. This is a guy in Russell Wilson who realizes he has to put the team on his back in his entirety. I don't Wanna a here about the weather at Lambeau field. Russell Wilson played at Madison. Wisconsin and Madison is only two hours eighteen. Minutes by car from Lambeau Lambofield though I understand. Stay in that but to me. That's that's more of a product of arbitrary statistic as it is a product of his plane. Rogers that Rogers record and cold weather but product dormitory. That's a product of playing at home field. I I'm not gonNA knock Aaron Rodgers because that is a bad man like Steve Name. Yeah I'm saying Russell Wilson will outplay Eh Aaron Rodgers. I think that the packers will still win the game. But I can't sit here and blindly go by faith. Well in just say man. I let me ask you this question particularly in intimate weather which clearly clearly exists lambofield. Run game is very very important. Direct costs gone. Rishaad pennies gone proceeds gone. So basically Yemi Bee's mode I mean listen we can rave about be slowed all we want and I definitely love the energy and just the mystique did he bring the Seattle seahawks. He belongs with them right now. I I love it and I know. He's a rough ride a particular short yardage situations. He's going to do some things for you but the SEAHAWKS did win a playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles. They had seventeen seventeen carries for nineteen yards. Seventy one yard so you really really think that's going to work against Green Bay. I don't I don't think that that's going to work because you're right. The Seattle Seahawks Kate all point blank period marshawn lynch although marshawn Lynch still they'll come to the Orion the name brand. They have proven that they can't run the ball like they could with the trio monster the three headed monster at running back. But what Russell Wilson can do if he makes schedule Agile plays. What Russell Wilson can he can run the ball now while the seahawks may not have been able to Russell? Wilson still couldn't remember early on in the game down. Russell said man everybody covered. I'm just just talk and do it myself so I mean yes stephen and you're right the seahawks here we're not talking about the offerings out. That you're talking about their cattle. WanNa go back to get back to the faith in your gambling problem. Okay the clearly you coming out or something but my point is this. I'm not saying I rogers. I understand the reason that you would take Russell. Awesome Wilson Really Strip everything away. He's in his prime. And it looks like Aaron Rodgers is no longer right. And that's why because they're both in their prime. But I'll tell you there's all Russell Wilson and Russell listens a hall of Famer. He's he's a great quarterback rogers like until the home came around the best I've ever seen. Let's see mahomes keep it up. It would be one thing. If Rogers wasn't that and I was hoping I thought he had the potential but an older player who was once the best ever can still recapture glory at times. And he's done that this season. There were a couple of games earlier. In the year. Raider Aaron Rodgers looked like WHOA. That's Aaron Rodgers. He might win. MVP this year. It's not like we haven't seen in the recent past he's capable of higher heights than Russell Wilson maybe not over sixteen games plus but right now at whole yeah i. It's not. It's not blind faith but there is a faith or y'all just remember you're GONNA get in trouble if y'all keep hoping on the next one now which means hope and on and on the next game hoping that Roger's GonNa show up on the next all play. The academic progression regular season is the same as the play. Not at all so then. It's not just the next game. It's a different love. Rogers are you. Are you sitting you on National National Television and questioning the capability of Eh Rogers to step up in the moment because the moment requires. Is that what you're doing. I'm questioning Rogers capability to deliver liver in crunch time he did. We saw it against Oakland. He gave you six touchdowns he showed up. We saw it against the giants. He gave you four touchdowns he showed up soda. Max's point rodgers. Can the he looked awful against San Francisco. Would that happen with the happened to have something to do with the fact that San Francisco is an elite defense would elite front four not to mention a secondary the lead by Richard Sherman that locked receivers up in the end nobody to throw it to the possible the last time we saw Rogers Week. Seventeen the Minnesota Vikings. He did not look great. He's doing interception that. You've I've never seen Roger Stroke. I just want to say thank God he got confused. I mean let's it. Can you talk a brother me. Forgive crying out loud. He's been around for many. The NUDIE got confused as a hobby. He got to get the answers to every time you got to go all the time..

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