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Amazing day i i must say i don't know how to better day cobi altman or paul ryan of course you're just hearing about this many blearyeyed members of the senate and the house are getting into their their cars and driving home for friday exit from town in i'm just starting my day while beyond the tomorrow morning with rights previous on msnbc as well to talk about this but congratulations i know some of you freedom caucus folks think it's too much domestic spending we do not have uh sixty republican senators go out and win every senate race go raise the money get your tail in gear go talk about the record i just talked about and say put away the noise it isn't about donald trump this is an offer your election about the congress we need to increase republican majorities in the congress and then we can tackle the spending problem we have a spending problem we have to the action title meant reform it's not the discretionary spending that's the problem it is the entitlement spending we have to fix medicare medicaid social security end of story gotta do it not going to do it with fifty one republicans we need sixty republicans she can't vote for a democrat for senate anywhere and you have to return this republican congress of his produce are much you don't like donald trump fine you can wait till 2020 to figure that out but this offyear election is about the economic growth that has been unleashed in this country betteray markets have in a correction that's got nothing to do with the underlying fundamentals i never talked about it when i was gone up always thought that was a bad metric the metric this levied on the congress and what they've done in the congress in the last twelve months is nothing short of amazing as speaker ryan said yesterday so my adyzov to leader mcconnell speaker ryan as president trump they delivered one eight hundred five two are one two three four i want to deliver two two officers out there i got a call yesterday from louisiana kevin i believe he said to giving away the.

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