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Katina sawyer and welcome to the worker being podcast today cotinine. I are staring at each other in person recording this. It's so fun. I guess i'm very funny to continue right now. We actually were just like staring at each other and so it was just sort of humorous to note the fact that we were doing that. Yeah i don't lie. To tell the truth. I do always all the time. Yeah so we're sitting here and we just got back from palm springs or my apartment right now and we had a really fun reunion weekend. Yes we had the chance to stay at one of patricia and her husband's friends is house and we got to stay there in exchange for watching their dog. Poppy who was so cute and a house was beautiful. And it provided an amazing space for us to do our retreat It had a pool. Hot tub like beautiful outdoor area. The inside of it's so cool like so nicely. Decorated like it was just such a lovely for us to spend our time so that was like a win just like kick things off immediately. Yeah i mean it's very palm springs themed and I don't know that they're gonna airbnb it so they really wanted to create a really cool vibe in there and it is awesome. They did a great job so we got to take advantage and be guinea pig guests but we also watched the puppy and she is like a tiny genius and that was really fun. So yeah there are a lot of wins and then we got to explore palm springs. And i've been there like a million times. And i love it so much and now katina has seen it and gone to like all the great restaurants and things with me. Yeah it was awesome. I loved it and the mountains are so pretty and it's really cool because they're just like so tall because you're so like low the that like the elevations works like the mountains. Just look huge. So so pretty. And i really like mountain views. I mean i love an ocean view but a mountain views amazingly pretty As well so that was awesome. And yeah we got to go to a bunch of good places all different cuisines. We had an amazing sushi dinner. Which for those of you who listen frequently. You know patricia. And i love sushi so that was fun. It was amazing. Yeah sand fish for anyone that goes palm springs. You should definitely go there so we got the oh makasi and it was like i mean it was ridiculous. It was just so good and so much food. Yes we were actually like troopers for getting through it but But like troopers in the best way because it's not like a hard thing to do. It was a challenge but the food was so good. You just didn't wanna waste it so anyway. It was delicious..

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