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Welcome back to send Avino. It's good to have you all here with us. Hey. It's good to be here with you. We got Shawn Jordan. What's up? My name's Todd. Taylor Wednesday somewhere deep in the Himalayas right now. Conducting research. He was last seen on the banks of the Ganges heading east. Drinking fermented goat's milk. He has got to get that good bacteria. So this is installed with our bond series. We are going to look at three and a half. We had a half event. Yes. We had a mini pod over auto magic Secret Service. Check that out. Good stuff. It's George lazenby's one off Bond. Lazenby. Exactly. One off bond is my scar band. I like that. All very moody. It's all very shoe gazing. So this is simply Dalton's second film as James Bond. Timo D, first one was living daylights. Yep. Yeah. This is the 16th film in the series overall. This was released July 10th, 1989. Gross to a $156 million against a $32 million budget. Still pretty profitable. This was seen as a disappointment when it came out. I can see that. Yeah. I also see this as a disappointment. And we'll talk about it. The other way. Really? That guy. I'll surprise you. Well, it wasn't on her majesty's Secret Service also seen as a disappointment, but it was also one of the better ones. It's definitely got retrospectively better. People look at it now and we'll tell you it's one of the best in the series. What's the retrospective on this one? It's not that dramatic, but you'll definitely hear more and more people say that they enjoyed Timothy Dalton more now than they did then. I mean, I liked him if they don't as an actor. Yeah. Yeah. And this was definitely a turning point in the franchise. This was the final film to feature Dalton, obviously, as Bond last time to feature Robert brown's M last film to feature Caroline bliss's money putty.

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