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But I guess that's your nature Turner yes There's something I've been meaning to say. To you, there is I hope he won't. Be, offended oh I'm sure, I won't, but, well. Yes Mr Khoo I want to thank. You Thank me for your. Kind thoughts I don't think I quite understand Mr.. Pool her, Nancy the help pay pool brand. Please, who can blame you, just turn, is, the prettiest girl the new accounts department Absolutely nothing Aggregation. Basis Went to. The, circus oh I'm sure that's not true A lot of. Action, ratty old copy station lately That's no. Surprise that much chance for socializing on the job is there Brand if, I could get a word in go ahead you were saying. Mr. PU Cages That's enough brand Hey Sorry skull coffee over my. Shirt I'll get a. Napkin it was an. Accident, no it. Wasn't you did that. Deliberately he said it was an. Accident you later about this, pool I really didn't intend. To do that I'm sure you. Didn't he was only joking Maybe he was maybe. He, wasn't sure had coming well I suppose I should get back, to my? Desk yes, I suppose, so or else it will be time for. Lunch, will it I mean. It will and then we'll all be. Having our lunches well. I guess you're right Those who brought them, and those? Who didn't, will go, out somewhere for lunch I mean alone or. Together, yes yes certainly will Well. Back. To the old, grindstone it's, been, nice talking with you nice talking with you to find out about haute miss Turner Mr. cool. When Moore, thing I hope. Yes. I, hope you Have a nice, day I, feel, the same way Exactly.

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