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Don't know if that's like if that's like talking out of school. For for my I've like a group of people who've priore the book when you like are behind the scenes chapters. I like what's going on and I'm like this person is actually any like. She's the one who takes me encouragements in that moments. I wanted to say thanks that was. That was a helpful moment of just like look, you're gonNA you're not, GONNA have it necessarily and I think a lot of people get in the trap or they think writing is about like you had the idea. You know the joke, and then you're gonNA, execute it and a lot of it is like no, you just kind of have to find it a little bit, and then you realize what you WANNA say. Yeah that's right well. You did it I'm glad you did OK there are a couple of things we didn't get to talk about that. I WANNA. Talk about I'M GONNA list very quickly, but I think it's what will hop over and talk about on Youtube. We have not discussed Hamilton and we have to like. How excited are you for July on Tuesday? This is what we have to talk about on Youtube, so we gotta talk. About Hamilton we've got and we haven't talked about Honduras, and we just went to Honduras. Four months ago with compassion. That's right feels like a million years ago, one actual million years ago. How was that January my gosh? It I know it feels hyperbolic, but it just it feels like another span of time. It does yes, so. Those are my big too hot topics for a couple of minutes on Youtube so let's save those because I want to see your face when you're talking about Hamilton. That's what matters to me. Perfect so okay well, you know the last question we always ask. Knocks McCoy because the show is called. That sounds fun. Tell me helped me. Tell me what you guys are doing for fun. You know we have started at our house, which started every night for dinner? It's like you know you're supposed to like. Eat a healthy meal and we're trying to do that. Sometimes we do some don't and like drink. Milk or water were no, no more that we have slushy every night for dinner and I make like lemonade slushy for the kids. Maybe lemonade with some other stuff for Ashley and I, but it's always. It's slushy all day every day. slushies teach me see yeah, like because I I make some protein shakes sometime like for lunch and it's the same mechanism like it one of those. It's like A. It's like a blender, but it's. Not a big robust blenders like a coup blender. You know like a like a slam blender. Toss Him. Ice Cubes in there do little lemonade gotTa have the ratios right, but then it's just boom. You gotTa slushy right there so that's been. That's been kind of y'all do it every night. Yeah, and it's I've got down to us a bit of science and the kids love it obviously, and is just one of those things where it's like this is a different time, so it calls for different conditions like now were amenable to slush at every meal, so we've been we've been enjoying. That's brilliant. It is literally lemonade and ice for the kids. Now you know mileage. Bonus bonus. Liquid in. The, but you can do that. Coke is whatever sprite whatever you WANNA do. Okay but you have to get a cool slim blender as you said not a not a not a chunky boy blender. You want one of those like marathon runner blenders. You don't you know what I'm talking about like you see it in your in your like nutribullet kind of thing right there. Exactly that's. where? You make one smoothie per cup. Yay for the kids. You can kind of sneak in there. Come I'm for Ashley Nights One per Tusla Grenadine in there if you WanNa, do like Makasi stuff you can do that. You have the freedom to do. Thank you. All right, I'll.

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