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Subtitling effort with twenty thousand translators in one hundred twenty languages it became one of the hidden engines that drove Ted's international growth Howard by those twenty thousand heroes. Rehnquist's gave read his first paycheck. But he never set his sights on game development. He didn't want to be an entrepreneur either. In fact, has plans for the future at that time sounded even more outlandish than the fantasy world who is dreaming up knows planning on being the director of the CIA. Yes, you heard that. Right. Read wanted briefly to be the director of the CIA, but hear him out in my thirteen year old mind. There was obviously Tana suffering in the world. I was trying to figure out how one would solve that. How would you solve the world's problems by teaming up with his smartest friends in forming an alliance of superheroes. Of course. As well. If we all kind of formed a pack in each of us would go for different leadership position. You know, someone's going to be president someone's going to be this back, then CO VM, and if we all went to these different positions, then we could collaborate, and we could then make the world a better place by having high trust. And and being all these different leadership positions. We could impose a different structure. Youthful idealism. Yes. Of course. But what fascinates me about? This story is the way read was already thinking about his friends as different kinds of heroes. And how he could unite them toward a common goal notice to that re- didn't imagine himself as leader of this cabal his heroes role was the initiator and connector that's pretty amazing for a kid in junior. High an age when a pimple on your nose seems like the center of the universe. Thirteen year old read soon realized that becoming a super spy chief wasn't exactly for him. But he didn't give up on his belief in building networks of like minded people who could transform society. At this point in episode IV meal. I should mention that reads life provides enough fodder for at least ten different masters of scale episodes from his influences to his investments to startups to his impact work. We joked about it in our to marathon interview sessions, I have seven thousand follow up questions. Read again, eight thousand follow up questions, I won't have time for so many follow up questions. I'm leaving in our wake. Okay. Read so excited for part two of our thirty part interview with you. We've made this episode a two parter, but even so we have to skip over reads time at Stanford past his ear at Oxford and leave unexamined his early desire to be a philosophy. Professor. That's because I want us to zoom in on his return to Silicon Valley reads formal education was behind him and for the first and last time he was at an uncharacteristic loss in deciding what to do next. We'll be right back afterward from our sponsor.

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