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So your story. Yeah. So we're. We're kind of your your batting clean up. You were supposed to clean up now you're leading now you leading off. Well. In the bad part is I'm we'll have to bring the heat because you got a North Carolina boy coming on. Play. Man You can't let them come in here and play Paul. Well, I had looked we had to switch it up totally dude. Jay is actually unfortunately at a truck wreck. On a wrecker. That's yeah. I I hate to hear about the crash, but I'm also glad to hear today's actually working. Good that's actually grant. So who you know what he does. He goes call Tommy. So we'll, we're going to revisit with Tommy Franklin as well because this is he. Yeah I. Cool. Yeah perfect. Tommy, you're coming off of a win at the last. PDR. A race here a couple of weeks ago though. I'm sure he'll be trying to go back to back here here vm piece of. Ever tell about Tommy he'll be perfect. It is the eighteenth annual. Believe it is comp Cams shakedown nationals presented by Fuel Tech Look We gotta remember. We did have to read the Roman numeral a couple of times to decipher it, but we think we got it. Big Big event to to say the least this weekend. Some rarely story, some really good talent going to be there. Of course, your very historic rate. This rate actually started in. New Jersey at English town. Old. Bridge Township Raceway Park detente created this event. From the START was the promoter for ten years and Had some hasn't come up he was ready to bow out. So he he passed through over to bill, Bater at Summit motorsports park in the work of Norwalk Ohio. and Bill had it for five or six years. and. Then we picked it up last year when bill was ready to pass the torch on. So so this is our second shot at it Elena event is known for setting world records and and being awesome event I actually. Went and raced this event three years ago at Norwalk. and. I went in Ultra Street with with my old body up there and and actually run it up and miss the miss the shakedown trophy at Norwalk by like point. Three. See this one that I wish I could have back. See. This is something we didn't talk about the first time we talked to you I had no idea. You had a racing background as as a racer. Started rack everything when I was fifteen. And then All right. I didn't do any good bracket or anything we don't talk about that. A couple of years ago I built the Ultra Street Fox Body ran ran that Klaff to seventy five. And that was actually the best rate they went to the finals there..

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