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He's starting to get some numbers where we can go reasonably strong in the premier league and still stay reasonably strong in europe and the big thing that for david muslim. And there's looking to my notes says kind of david moyes lucky. Stunned by the gator west. Knockabout you're not coming in go personality because he's built a squad now. It's not just about the football what you see more than that work right. The these no passengers. he's nobody gets a free ride. I think important with the contemplates. He's bringing in. Maybe not as many southwest. I'm funds would like the right kind of players. That knows what he's locking adjusted. Even tim is important guessing. The right kind of people in locker room. Are you surprised at how well they've done a little bit. Having spoken to feel settled finally for the first time since he left everton. You actually feel settled in the second spell. He knows a team that actually looks like his type of team and he's got the backing of the war either way. The players bring in has made many mistakes. That's kind of how he always started. he had to. He had to sell to buy and get the right players in look. I think this team looks good. I like kurt zuma's well yes go looks good defensively. I thought they were strong. But that bolshevism. And look for now's and antonio have been brilliant to season two news almost a makeshift billing. Would you not thinking we still need one. Oh no i think he's on so well that he actually thinks he thought he could spend in other areas and blessed hopefully will bring goals as well. Okay let's Let's go back to david ogden. Shall we and get the background to the jesse lynn. God's story because it's interesting mood you're saying he david. It just looks perfect for parties. But it's not happened. It's a shame it's a real shame. Rebecca because that was one they really wanted many of us as neutrals having seen what jesse lingered did at west ham in the second. Half of last season spectacular. Wanted as well but manchester united. Didn't none of go to say the manchester united. See jesse lynn. God not only as part of their present but the long term future perhaps even beyond his career because he is part of the fabric. He's come through the academy. He's a manchester local and they were never going to be easy to deal with in that sense. I think he's only got a year left on his contract. So i think that focus will be to try and renew him even if he's going to leave in january or next summer they'll want him to do the. I'm not sure he will renew that contract. That one is one. We need to investigate a little bit more and west ham left without that creative spark now. The boys there have talked about last ditch and crow. Of course zuma came in at the back is well. They've retained declan rice who was subject to a lot of speculation. Maybe early iran in the window. Not so much recently but the one thing going to say here is david. Moyes is gaining more and more power at west ham. Here's essentially the technical director. They do have a new head of recruitment coming in and rob newman who had previously worked in manchester city. He's very highly regarded. But david moyes holds the keys which is unusual at west ham. Because they've got such powerful owners in david sullivan and david golden karren brady and the hierarchy well. So it's all on david moyes shoulders. It seems to be going well so far. He's even complaining the quality of the pitch. And so they're going to need to sort out. This is the project he wanted. He needs to deliver in both. The domestic and european competition. Money is tight. they're subject to take over interest. But this is a very fascinating project isn't appropriate. That starting to look a little bit like it did when he was ever to win. Tim howard was there. Let's talk about everton noises. All club good signings interesting demari. Gray's really done well. So far this season we have added. I say he's been the star of the season so far. Salomon ron don. We mentioned is coming from chinese club on a free transfer. That's happened today. Former newcastle and west brom striker who now is reunited with rafael benitez. So we're going to talk about rougher benitez evident in just a second. I just want to let chelsea fans know. This whole deal is still not done. Kavakava sky reporter. Who's been covering this. He said that it still on paperwork should be will be. He says uploaded in time. Despite what's of feeling like a late scarcer chelsea fans. You should get assigning. I think everyone would would say a very good science madrid on loan with an option to buy in the midfield robby robin isa's the effect of rafa benitez at everton. How you rating it. So far greater based on the performance is based on his style of coaching. And that's what he's done and it looks great simplified football players up front said if you times get the ball wide. They've got two good center forward to michelle dominant cover noon. The looking great covered owners an injury right now so. He's kind of simplify things this window. They signed five players. Four free a one two million dollars tomorrow gray which looks like a brilliant business so far. It's a long season we've seen before in the league but it looks great so it seems to me is like rafa benitez. It's taken a look. He's taking a look to see what he's got with stall play that he wants to impart on this team and what he might need for the future he is not. They've got money that football club. We know that but he's like you know what. I'm not ready for it yet. I need to know more about the players. I've got right now. Given the way that. I wanna play and in subsequent windows. I expect them to to spend money. We know that wants and expects to be backed in that market is just not great. Surprise that he's like okay. Let's just figure out what if god we'll see for the future semi now. It's tough within everton manager that used to be the liverpool manager. So how long do you think it will take and what needs to happen for those everton fans to be totally one. Because they're not they're one over and with the with the new ownership. We've seen the turnover of managers over the last four or five seasons so you just wonder that looked everton. Fans will get restless if things. Don't go well mike. My concern for everton is is the squad depth. You know the perfect example. They bring in ron on a free transfer. Okay not incredibly prolific. I think.

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