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I'm telling you you know think about how Black Lives Matter has crumbled and as we've said all the suckers that gave them that gave them money it doesn't end there This is from the Boston Herald The founder of violence in Boston that has the same goals basically is Black Lives Matter The founder Monica canon grant used her nonprofit's coffers as her own federal prosecutors allege as he violence in Boston founder faces charges of defrauding people who thought they were contributing to a good cause when they were actually funding her meals car payments and nails salon appointments Canon grant and her husband Clark grant who already was criminally charged by the feds alleging he had engaged in pandemic assistance fraud agreed to use violence in Boston as a vehicle to personally enrich themselves and others according to the federal indictment and sealed Tuesday U.S. attorney Rachel Rollins office announced the allegations after authorities arrested canon grant who then made a brief appearance in federal court She was released on her own recognizance on several conditions including that she can't apply for financial grants as the case moves forward Oh my God Listen to this though because this is the part that just is mind boggling All right You ready for this All right Prosecutors allege that the pair cash checks into their personal accounts of money that was meant for violence in Boston Now this is this is the one this is the doozy This showed you the suckers that exist out there including the prosecutor who is prosecuting this because in 2019 the Suffolk district attorney's office then led by Rachel Rollins now the top federal prosecutor in the office that's bringing these charges gay violence in Boston a $10,000 grant that were required to be used for anti violence work Wow Exactly And not only that not only that This organization with the same goals of Black Lives Matter ripped off Black Lives Matter Oh man that's a whole new take on the liberal circular fire My gosh The feds also claim that canon grand took $3000 at the organization Cambridge black lives matter donated to feed needy children and Senate right to a family member Well to be to be intellectually honest the question asked did that family member have needy children That were hungry Wow Wow Ken and grant is associated with self repeatedly with U.S. representative Presley's campaign Part of the squad which says she never worked there and declined to comment further Ken and grant's profile particularly soared during the racial justice protest of the summer of 2020 When she organized a massive rally in Franklin part in which she yelled blank the police the donations poured in as did the glowing profiles The Boston Globe naming her bostonian of the year Oh really Boston magazine 2020 best social justice advocate Like we said everyone everyone on the left industry business prosecutors office all suckered in to the big lie of the summer of 2020 That police departments were systemically racist to hunt down blacks And all they did was take the emotion of it and rip you off You a bunch of suckers Wow Does it ever end now Scams Scams scams scams scams scam What's her name Was it Patrice colors of Black Lives Matter We have to do anything We didn't have to solicit They were just giving us the money to sending money They were lining up to give them money Wow Not only did you buy into their lie but they suckered you into giving them money and then used it for their own purpose personal purposes The First mean it's such a they have to look at this was such an easy con game We didn't have to go to solicit We set up this con where they gave us money We didn't even have to solicit it Or ask for take my money take my money rip me off lie to me Thank you sir I have another Wow They said but after The Boston Globe named her bostonian of the year in Boston magazine the 2020 best social justice advocate but news stories turned sour local conservative news blog TB daily news put out a series of reports on violence in Boston's financial dealings and grant receipts topics of the indictment touched heavily on and then cannon grand further fueled the fire with several outlandish statements that generated immediate blowbacks such as basically claiming that a teen was lynched And going after a black Republicans interracial relationship because they're racist Yeah Wow You know it really is never ending No It really is never ending But how people don't see this ahead of.

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