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Light snow ends late tonight with widespread one to two inch snow accumulation is expected lows around thirty degrees a cloudy and possibly foggy start to on Monday but the clouds decrease in the afternoon with highs in the low to mid forties partly cloudy Monday night with lows in the mid thirties mostly cloudy on Tuesday a chance for scattered rain showers in the afternoon look for highs in the mid to upper forties then on Wednesday partly cloudy and warmer with highs in the lower to possibly upper fifties a chance for rain arrives in the evening hours and continues into our Thursday forty percent chance of rain in a mainly cloudy skies highs in the low to mid forties then mostly cloudy on Friday a chance for scattered showers once more and possibly some thunderstorms with highs in the upper forties to near fifty from the WGN weather center I'm meteorologist Mike Jansen a vote to advance a two trillion dollar stimulus bill failed in the Senate Sunday needed sixty votes the vote was forty seven apiece minority leader Chuck Schumer on the Senate floor says the bill lacks adequate funding bill should include much more money for hospitals and community health centers nursing homes and no funding to address the coming shortages in masks I see you I see you beds ventilators testing and personal protective equipment Illinois now has two hundred ninety six cases of covert nineteen including one infant three new deaths were reported Sunday bringing that total to nine state wide now that Illinois is under.

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