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Hey guys welcome back to the show before we get Outta here. We got a voicemail from Jerry Jones. Who was drafting from his yacht. Which which was you know? Not Tone deaf at all. I mean he was. He was more tone-deaf than David Geffen. Who I would agree. I would argue with so tone deaf. He was tone gaffe. There was there was a little bit of You know when you saw the like the basement of where Roger Goodell arguably the wealthiest most powerful man in all of sports like his basement seemed like our basement where we were growing up. Yeah even been as base. I don't know where he was. My guess is he was in someone else's house or in the guest house basement of some other By the way you're on a two hundred and fifty. We're not telling you how to spend your money Jerry Jones. But if you're on a two hundred and fifty million dollar hot and you are drafting there. You can never cry. Poor to one of your drafty ever get. Well we'll see what he has to say. Journalists leftism voicemail enjoy allegation to a lesser extent. Randy it's Jerry. Jones owner of the Dallas Cowboys America's team and the number one superpower sports franchise on planet Earth. Now there's not a a lot of hubbub going around about me drafting off the yacht this year we drafted CD lamb wide receiver. I'd Oklahoma of the Bravo Eugenia. Which is my yacht nothing to do with my wife Jeannie We do have a room for her in the baggage. Eight made Sweden Room. She can do her makeup listener stories. It's all fine but people seem to be an uproar over the fact that I was sitting there on a yeah that I have Arnd and yes has two helipads one for me and one for the rest of my family Which is convenient especially during this particular virus We can have social distancing or I can from them and they can do the best. They can in their doctor altogether anyway. I was there It was comfortable and it was in compliance with the CDC NFL guidelines. And that's why I was also hearing not only the social distancing by having my daughter and a few other young women should a couple cushions over on my nash couch but they also were Hold my phone for me. They were my phone valets. So that when I would make the picks I'd say press that number right there no no no not that one that one that one. Oh why did they ever raise you? Which I didn't. Of course that was a was genie's territory and not sure how much I got on the return for that but but everyone is fine. was diy draft in yacht. Do It yourself Jerry Style and I'm proud of us so if you got any problems with it and I'm talking directly to you randy and somewhat to you Jason. Feel free to reach out to me. Although I don't think you'd be able to get a hold of me because I am in an undisclosed location or digit for now Jerry Jones saying how Kim Cowboys Jetta cars for Tahiti at eight some white sand under my feet as jared Gera- there you go areas there it is That's show guys WanNa tell you a all of our sports fans who love the show. Listen to show go over to our youtube page YouTube. You look on Youtube and you search scarborough country Youtube. You'll see our page come up subscribed to it please. Everyone who listen to this podcast. Subscribe to it. Why because we have episodes of cheap seats on there. If you're looking for the perfect weekend or nighttime Corentin just jumped down the rabbit hole of cheap seats. Were going to collect all the episodes in there. We have our video of our daily podcast. We have clips of US on other shows about some other podcasts another TV shows and whatnot and stand up. It's great so youtube and search scarborough country then subscribe to that page. It's a huge helped us. It's free. It costs nothing to subscribe. And then you get to enjoy all the content that we put out there for you all the cheap seats we can get our hands on input on there so keep it in one place for you. Thanks guys punch a water faucet. Then go wash your hands. As we say in our daily podcast stay socially distance would stay connected and next week on the show..

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