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Vietnam war is that the most fulfilling project that you have done because of the terror- and because of that or would you regard something else as the most fulfilling just something that when you're done with it you were like man that was just really rewarding work and i'm a little extra proud of it for whatever your reasons. Yeah the vietnam. War was a profound experience and i think getting to know so many vietnamese people who lived through an american veterans and keep who protested the war in knowing that it was such a traumatic experience for so many people in so many different ways figure out ways for them to share that story with us and to kind of absorb it was often very painful and completely devastating but also it felt like this really matters. People need to hear this story and people are going to be grateful for the way we've told hopefully and we were grateful to be present when the people that we got to talk to. You told us their stories. And i liked to hope that it helped them to so i interviewed a woman jeanmarie crocker. Who's a gold star. Mother of the vietnam war her son moby had died in the mid sixties when the war was still kind of the beginning of the big escalations. And you know forty years later. She was still remembering the day. She got the news that he died like it was yesterday and asked her to tell. That story was well just hard. And i worried afterwards that you know. Maybe that wasn't the right thing to do to ask someone to relive a trauma like that up but after the film came out and speaking with her. She said it really helped her. Just tell the story and she found that help other people who'd been through that and she heard from people who also had lost children in vietnam and other wars and that somehow her generosity of going through that pain again. It helped her to heal. So that's not always true. And i don't wanna be overly simplistic about it. But i hope that sometimes you though we're asking people to share extremely painful experiences. It is for the greater good. Was there anything in. Hemingway not hard like that but that was a moral challenge or something. Yeah should we be doing this. Is this the right thing. Like how many of those crossroads when you're when you're exposing so much of a man's life and this is a public man but and he's gone and and you're you're trying to be fair at every turn but did you find yourself in any moral crossroads there not to the same degree i would say because hemingway's gone like you said. And he made his own bed so to speak. I was very acutely aware. And i know cannon seren jeff were shoe of just how the film land for. Let's say his family. I mean he's a real person. His son patrick is still alive. I interviewed him. I know him pretty well..

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