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Bradley, Joe, Bradley, and she asks in light of you interview, Michael Palin. What is your favorite Monty python sketch PS, I'm very excited to see you live in Glasgow for the first time. Thank you. Joe very excited to be there. If you don't already know Joe's talking about we are going to be in Glasgow at the Glasgow film festival for live show on the third of March Sunday, the third of March, whether very very special guest, sir. Bloody Michael's bloody shitting Palin himself. Not sure that's the correct form of his name. That's what the queen's going to say. When she chops a sword in his shoulder. And that's legally binding, Chris is your lawyer don't think it is. Okay. For enough. I stand corrected by Michael Palin is going to be on the show. It's amazing. And even more mazing is somehow the show has sold out already. But the may be tickets around the time they may be returns and stuff, but we're. Very very excited to be able to Scotland for that. And see you guys in. And of course, our live show in London. Lots of stuff going on law stuff going on. But anyway, the question from Joe, Bradley, this is gonna be fun one. Because James doesn't know or really like Monty python that well or comedy or joy feel that this question is geared to stem e further into character on brand a shame. But as you say, I don't enjoy sketch comedy a toll. I feel it to be a waste of life. And I don't know of any Monty python sketches that are funny. So I will find this tricky to answer. I do enjoy Brian. I think that's a good good. Dribbling industry. You really are. It's just a waste of skin. How we've talked about your your weird's anti sketch comedy thing before then really want to get into that right now. That's you have said life of Brian and ask because of a lifeline. But I I wanna take a little bit into the multi thing because as a person of a certain age, you would have grown up watching this stuff or shoot a grown up with people quoting this in the playground. Definitely. Okay. That's good pasta. Because it'll make me mad at the soundtrack the Monty python sing soundtrack because someone it for me. Okay. Had a song about a penis on it. The peanuts. I found that slide humor's. Okay. Let's James come on. They will be we're not letting James anywhere near Michael Palin, by the way. Pena's song case, you you say something. I find you Molly funny, and you know, but all the stuff that you did the nineteen sixties is worthless. Blyth Brian is interesting because I am going to allow for the purposes of this is after all movie podcast. I am going to allow the python film..

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