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Family feud where using a bunch of thing i always feel like they must be sorry that they got me because i don't do what the celebrities do which is to get on and just crack latvia right joe really plenty in entertaining i get theor salih companion you're you're you're in to win and wink martingale came up to me of fun and said and i thought oh this is a moment del cherish on my life he looked at me as you are very competitive and i wasn't sure if he meant it as a complement or like team i we hire her i think he meant it is a compliment but we've had wink on the show we have to should have wing love wink and his wife anzi my guidance sandy used to date elvis yes and she has a whole elven that she actually does the sunglasses the elvis sunglasses that she sells at graceland uh yes so she's got to connect erase i that's brian regan brings around to you met priscilla i did i met priscilla presley last night as the first time i ever met her and i was able to tell her that i did work with her husband when i was six really an in what what did you do it was a movie called the trouble with girls the original title of the movie was chautauqua okay and i would've had a single king and dancing role with him right but at the last minute ya all these i dishes and have the time i have to tell you i had no interest in all of us i do know why people liked them rate and at the latter now one on all these i dish in santa last minute they they thought you now she's only six it's an awful lot of dancing and singing in lines to learn rate so they gave the job to a nasa jones from family of oh no she and i were kinda clowns while i was a clone of her because she came first rate so she.

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